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Top 8 best Bluetooth intercom headsets for motorcycle helmets 2023-24


This article is a wonderful location to start your search for Bluetooth intercom headsets or a Bluetooth-enabled helmet with built-in speakers. We already scoured the market for you, identifying the most renowned brands and popular goods, testing them, and compiling a list of the 8 best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers in 2023-24. This list of the 7 best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers in 2023-24 is presented after brief testing for individuals unfamiliar with motorcycle helmet speakers and those who wish to learn more.

We have compiled a lot of information regarding Bluetooth intercom headsets, including their benefits and drawbacks, features, and considerations when purchasing them. Suppose you’re already familiar with these gadgets or prefer a ”quick look” approach. In that case, you may have a look at the table.

Image  Bluetooth Picked for Product Link
 Sena 5S Sena premium design  Check Price
 UClear AMP Go 2.0 Up to 12 hours of battery life  Check Price
 Sena SMH10R Sleek design  Check Price
freedconn tcom sc  Freedconn TCOM SC 300 hours of standby battery life  Check Price
 Cardo Freecom 4 One of best selling Bluetooth  Check Price
 UClear Motion 6  Option with good bargain Check Price
 Sena 50R Sena premium range device  Check Price
 Cardo PackTalk Bold Best value for money  Check Price

Why choose Bluetooth intercom headsets

While riding alone is where many of us find inner peace—our motorcycle meditation, if it were—there is something to be said for riding with others. Perhaps it’s the mutual love of the pastime or that unique something that folks trapped on four wheels don’t grasp about why we do what we do. And, while hand signals work well in groups for relaying important information, riding together is much better if you can communicate.

Bluetooth communication devices enter the picture at this point. Before the beginning of the 2010s, the only means of communication available to most groups (aside from hand signals) were very expensive radio units—but technology has advanced to the point where you can now easily communicate with each other, even when significant distances separate riders. Modern Bluetooth systems nearly always connect globally to a smartphone, so you can use your voice to make or receive phone calls, listen to music, or alter GPS navigation locations, even on solitary rides.

Issues with Bluetooth headsets

Be aware that utilizing Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers to make/answer calls while riding is unsafe. It’s safer than using your phone while riding, but not safer than not talking. According to the National Safety Council, talking on the phone while driving (or biking) reduces brain activity by 33%. The best solution is to avoid answering or making calls while motorcycling.

Another drawback is that all members of your pack must acquire the same motorcycle helmet speaker or Bluetooth-enabled helmet (or brand) to use the intercom capability. Manufacturers are attempting to force you to buy their helmets and stay in their environment, which is unfair but unavoidable. In exchange for a higher price, certain high-end Bluetooth devices can interact with any other Bluetooth device. Our list includes some of those gadgets.

1. Sena 5S

SENA is well-known for being an experimental firm. While Cardo is the primary competitor (and both businesses outsell UClear), SENA will go so far as to manufacture a whole helmet with a camera and communications unit built in or communication devices connected with helmet cameras. However, the client benefits from all of this research and development.

sena 5S - Bluetooth - Bluetooth intercom headsets
Sena 5S

The 5S Bluetooth system illustrates how technological advancements have resulted in one of the greatest entry-level devices available for your helmet. Bluetooth 5.0 with full multi-device connectivity (what SENA refers to as “selective pairing”) enables GPS unit and smartphone connectivity, but what stands out is that the unit can “pair and remember” with up to three other SENA or other manufacturer OEM units via SENA Intercom Pairing, or SIP.

2. UClear AMP Go 2

The UClear AMP Go 2 versions are an excellent choice if you’re searching for a simple communications device. The Go 2’s, which succeeds the long-lasting and well-loved Go models, are still focused on the cheap population while containing nearly twice as much hardware as their predecessors.

UClear AMP GO 2 - Bluetooth intercom headsets
UClear Amp GO 2

The Go 2 now has a full-duplex intercom capability, allowing you to converse comfortably with a pillion or another rider, with an effective range of around 2,500 feet before a word or two may not get through. The unit’s limitation is that it can only link with one other communication unit at a time. Therefore, it’s perfect for those who ride two-up or frequently ride with just one other person.

3. Sena SMH10R

A simple cardboard box with the SENA logo holds SMH10R. Package contents are typical. The main unit has two speakers, two mics (boom mic and wired mic), a battery pack, a USB to micro USB charging/data cable, a cigarette charger, and all the installation supplies. Includes user instructions and a 2-year limited warranty. SMH10R differs in design from previous SMH devices. It’s thinner and has no jog dial. Whether you enjoy it depends on your tastes.

I could be more impressed with the build quality. We anticipated better durability, given the pricing. The company says it is weatherproof. However, no IP or IPX certificate exists. Only Cardo units are IP-certified. Though not waterproof, this gadget won’t break if wet. All controls are front-mounted. Three buttons (+, -, center/SENA).

sena smh10r - Bluetooth intercom headsets
Sena SMH10R

Sleek design

The buttons are big, snappy, and accessible. The + and – buttons regulate volume. Although SMH10R doesn’t support voice commands, you may answer calls and initiate intercom conversations using your voice.

SMH10R lets you talk to riders using Sena and non-Sena devices. Under ideal conditions, two cyclists can communicate over 900m (980 yards), but they only get 400m. One charge lasts 8 hours of chatting. The battery charges for about 2-2.5 hours. However, you may use it while charging. The microphone performs well. At 60mph, it blocks most noise. Higher speeds can be challenging, but calling is feasible.

4. FreedConn TCOM-SC

FredConn TCOM-SC has a smaller package than Sena headphones. It looks good but has fewer attachments than the other two headsets. The main unit (the helmet-mounted button unit), clamp unit with screws, screwdriver, detachable stereo speakers with mic, USB to micro USB charging cable, 4 adhesive speaker pads, user manual, and 1-year guarantee are included.

Freedconn Tcom SC - Bluetooth intercom headsets
Freedconn T-COM SC

Comparison with Sena Bluetooth intercom headsets

It seems thinner than Sena Bluetooth intercom headsets. It’s lighter and less durable than Sena. Sena gadgets appear tougher than FreedConn TCOM-SC. If you want to save money, you must compromise. Good thing sacrifices aren’t large. Installation is easy. You may fasten it to the helmet or glue it to the side. The bottom of the main unit has a headphone jack/charging port. The mic and speakers are cabled together but may be removed from the main unit for replacement. AUX ports for non-Bluetooth devices are absent. Installation should take 10-15 minutes.

Like the SMH-10, the FreedCon TCOM-SC has comparable controls. You have two buttons (power/intercom and call/playback) and one knob (volume/next/previous song). Between all the buttons on the front panel is a tiny LCD screen. This is great but optional, as you won’t see it. Voice commands won’t work for playback or conversation.

5. Cardo Freecom 4

FREECOM 4 comes in a little package with one or two devices. You will also receive the audio kit, 40mm speakers, two microphones (hybrid boom mic and wired mic), speaker spacers, Velcro pads, mic sponges, adhesive plate, and USB to micro USB charging/data cable (wall charger supplied). A detailed user manual, pocket guide, and two-year guarantee are included.

Cardo Freecom 4 - Bluetooth intercom headsets
Cardo Freecom 4

This gadget is thinner and lower than the PACKTALK and lacks a roller wheel, but it still has the Cardo appearance. The unit is small and strong. Cardo devices have an edge over Bluetooth motorcycle helmet communication devices since FREECOM 4 is IP67-certified (waterproof and dustproof).


There are 4 buttons: intercom, phone/media, and two-volume. All buttons are front-facing, accessible, and responsive. The buttons and controls take some getting used to, especially if you’re wearing gloves, but once you do, they’re fine. No voice commands are a drawback, although you can answer calls by shouting anything loud enough.

FREECOM 4’s Bluetooth intercom lets you talk to up to four riders simultaneously. Pairing four devices is complex since each has only two channels. However, the user manual and YouTube Cardo FREECOM 4 lesson explain it. Best circumstances (line of sight) provide a 1.2km range. You’ll get half that range at most. Full-duplex pairing is possible with FREECOM 4 and any Cardo or non-Cardo device.

6. UClear Motion 6

The UClear Motion Infinity communications unit is the newest and best system from UClear, representing the result of years of design and engineering from prior Motion versions. The Motion Infinity gadget provides excellent communication possibilities for every cyclist, thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, a mesh network connection, and an internal accelerometer.

Uclear Motion 6 - Bluetooth intercom headsets
Uclear Motion 6

The DynaMESH Intercom accommodates any number of riders in a group thus group size is no longer a concern. The Motion portion of the name refers to the fact that you can operate the device with your fingers or, if you’re wearing gloves, by waving your hand across the sensor region between the UClear logo and the status LED.

7. Sena 50R

When we mentioned that the SENA 5S contained technology from higher-end communications units, we referred to the 50 series. The SENA 50R is one of three models available (the other two being the jog-dial operated 50S and the camera-and-comms combo 50C, which has a built-in 4K camera for recording your ride).

Sena 50r - Bluetooth intercom headsets
Sena 50R

The 50R is superior to the 50S because it is slimmer and employs a mount that holds it much tighter to the helmet, decreasing wind noise as much as possible. Using a mix of SENA’s Mesh 2.0 technology and Bluetooth 5.0, this little unit can couple with up to 24 (!!!) additional units over 9 unique channel groups, albeit voice communications can only be maintained between 6 riders at a time.

8. Cardo PACKTALK Bold

An elegant leatherette package holds the headset. The box contains the main unit, the clip unit for attaching the device to the helmet (Cardo calls it an audio kit because it has all the audio inputs/outputs), 2 40mm JBL speakers, 2 mics (wired and boom), USB to micro USB charging cable, glue plate, Velcro pads, speaker relocators, user manual, and 2-year warranty.

Cardo Packtalk - Bluetooth intercom headsets
Cardo Packtalk

All these Bluetooth intercom headsets have similar shapes, but this one looks and feels stronger than any other communication device we’ve examined. It’s strong and sturdy. This communication device has IP67-certification, waterproof, and dustproof, unlike others. Only Cardo PACKTALK communication devices are tested and approved, whereas all others are weatherproof or “kind of water-resistant”. It is smaller and lighter than the Sena 30K and has a thinner look.

PACKTALK Bold connects to two Bluetooth devices at once using Bluetooth 4.1. Easy pairing takes seconds; the headset automatically pairs with the last device.


Bluetooth intercom headsets are a major game changer for individuals who enjoy riding and communicating on the road, making them a rare discovery. We hope you now have a clear understanding of the numerous considerations to consider while selecting these gadgets.

Investing in a decent helmet with built-in speakers is the gold standard for improving your riding experience. However, while this is the best option, it does not reduce the importance of other possibilities. Whether you choose a single speaker, a couple, or a bundle, the important thing is that your decision boosts your riding pleasure and convenience. Ultimately, your contentment and enjoyment of the open road matters.

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