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7 Best motorcycle helmets for Eye glasses wearers


Your motorbike helmet is the most important piece of driving safety equipment. However, motorcyclists may sometimes find disadvantages when it comes to these helmets. Those who wear glasses, for example, may find it unpleasant to use these helmets. Wearing two items interfering with each other is the last thing you want to do when driving. Fortunately, this is easily remedied by buying the finest motorcycle helmet for glasses wearers! That’s how simple the answer is! The only thing you have to worry about here is selecting the correct helmet that enables you to wear your glasses comfortably. So, here are the 7 best helmets for glasses wearers.

Image Product Picked for Price
HJC Aventa I90 helmet HJC I90  Value for money Check Price
LS2-open-face LS2 Open Face Comfirtable lining
Check Price
shoei-noetec-2 Shoei Neotec II Lightweight moduler design
Check Price
Arai-XD4-1 Arai XD4  For dual sport enthusiasts Check Price
scorpion-gt3000 Scorpion EXO GT3000  Strong shell Check Price
bell-qualifier-dlx Bell Qualifier Lightweight build Check Price
ILM-34 ILM 3/4 Vintage look  Check Price

Suitable helmets for Eye glasses wearers

No specialized helmet type is meant to be worn with spectacles. In truth, almost every design style contains a few motorcycle helmets suitable for wearing glasses.

So, first and foremost, you should consider the design of your spectacles. Ideally, They should have thin, straight arms that fit nicely beneath the helmet and do not flex behind your ears to create discomfort while in use. After that, think about the helmet’s design. Choose a model with adequate inside room to wear glasses comfortably while preventing strain on your brows or nose.

You may get an appropriate helmet in any design style on the market; certain varieties are more suited to this function than others. Full-face helmets, for example, provide the most head protection, shielding your head from the sides, front, and rear. However, compared to half-face helmets, they seldom provide the same amount of interior room, making it more difficult to alter the position of your spectacles.

So, if you want the most comfort, wear glasses beneath half or open-face helmets. Furthermore, these helmets are easy to remove, avoiding the inconvenience of wrestling with your glasses every time you stop at the store.

We scoured the market for the finest motorcycle helmets for glass wearers to assist you in making the correct decision. Examine the choices below and choose the one that best resonates with you.

1. HJC i90

If you like full-face helmets, the HJC i90 is what you’re looking for. Produced by a company with over 50 years of expertise, this helmet integrates some of the coolest features and materials to provide the most comfortable ride possible for all sorts of riders, even those who wear prescription glasses. Let’s take a closer look.

The HJC i90 has a high-quality assembly construction, with an innovative composite shell using CAD technology and a better channelling ventilation system. The breathability of the helmet is undoubtedly one of its attractions. The helmet enables adequate air to flow in while avoiding fog buildup on wet days, thanks to seven intake panels, two exhaust vents at the back, and a vent on the chin bar.

HJC Aventa I90 helmet - helmets for glass wearers
HJC Aventa I90 helmet

Moreover, it contains a breath deflector, which ensures that exhaled air is directed downward rather than straight toward the visor. This full-face helmet for glasses has a bigger HJ-V9 drop-down sun visor that can be adjusted in three different positions and is Pinlock compatible. As a result, it can easily accept almost any glass without producing pressure points. To that end, many users find the helmet’s modular design especially useful during pauses since it allows them to remove the helmet without changing their glasses.

A high-quality antibacterial inside with moisture-wicking qualities, a no-hassle, one-touch locking mechanism with a D-ring chin bar strap clasp, Bluetooth compatibility with SmartHJC, and 20B Bluetooth communicators are all features of the HJC i90. So, if you like riding your bike while listening to music, you can do so with one of this better-fitting helmets for glass wearers.

2. LS2 Open Face

The LS2 Open Face Track Helmet is next on our list, which some believe to be the finest motorcycle helmet for glasses wearers. It offers 34 style protection in a lightweight compact. The integrated face shield swings out of the way when you need more air. The shield may be removed thanks to the quick-release technology. It’s useful when you need to change the face shield or want it out of the way. We also like that the lining is detachable and washable. It permits us to maintain it clean at all times.

ls2 open face - helmets for glass wearers
LS2 Open face

This helmet has an adjustable ventilation system for extra comfort. It’s also created with an oval fit in mind, so it’ll suit a variety of head shapes. The retention mechanism is particularly outstanding, with a four-point strap system that secures the chin and back of your head. It also protects the helmet from sliding off in the case of an accident. Last, this helmet is DOT-approved and comes in various colours!

3. Shoei Noetec II

The adaptability of modular helmets, paired with their simplicity of use, is their strength. If these are the characteristics you want and money is fine, the Neotec 2 might be the best option.

A glance at the Neotec 2’s exterior reveals that this model combines the advantages of a full-face and open-face helmet, providing you with a safe and adaptable product. Many design advancements made by the maker of this helmet enabled it to improve its aerodynamics, reduce wind sounds, and make adjustments for different riding postures simpler. As a consequence, this helmet is ideal for riding at high speeds as well as off-road. A drop-down tinted inner visor is also featured. It complies with the ANSI Z80.3-2010 standard, which means it may be worn over your spectacles without getting in the way. Furthermore, this visor efficiently blocks dangerous UV rays and sun glare, giving you good vision while riding in bright weather.

shoei noetec 2 - helmets for glass wearers
Shoei Noetec II

A multi-layer EPS lining adds to the comfort characteristics. Unlike lesser helmets, this style is comprised of varied densities of foam. This means it absorbs more impact energy and gives a better overall fit. Furthermore, this helps block outside sounds, creating a quiet helmet ideal for highway speeds.

Sure, this helmet’s ventilation system is equally as amazing as the rest of its features. The Neotec 2 has all-new exhaust ports on the sides of the adjustable top air intake, allowing just enough airflow to keep you delightfully cool without being too noisy.

4. Arai XD4

This is one of the more costly options, but it is also the greatest motorcycle helmet for glasses wearers. The Arai XD4 Helmet is ideal for people searching for an oval-shaped helmet since it weighs just roughly 4 pounds. This helmet is far lighter than some of its rivals! Aside from that, there are a slew of features that assist in justifying the price. The patented FCS cheek pads are one of them. They’re made to be as comfortable as possible while still being detachable, enabling you to wash them whenever you want.

Arai XD4 - helmets for glass wearers
Arai XD4

Furthermore, the flexibility of the internal space allows you to use your glasses even while wearing this helmet. Dry-cool technology is also employed throughout the lining. This enables the helmet to ventilate effectively, even at moderate speeds. This helmet also has an emergency cheek pad removal mechanism for your safety. When activated, this device allows a skilled medical expert to remove the helmet quickly.

5. Scorpion EXO GT-3000

You may be shocked to learn that this helmet is the greatest motorcycle helmet for those who wear glasses. Even with your glasses on, the ScorpionExo EXO-GT3000 Full Face Modular Helmet does not obstruct your view. You’ll be able to see even better with the visor. It may look coloured from the outside, yet from your perspective, there are no barriers at all. This helmet’s shell is made of the TCT-Ultra Shell, which employs a five-layer fabric technology for further strength. This material will make the helmet strong, lightweight, and long-lasting. Isn’t it pretty amazing?

scorpion gt3000 - helmets for glass wearers
Scorpion EXO GT-3000

Furthermore, the ratchet mechanism of this helmet locks the visor with an elliptical action. It allows for a perfect seal of the eye shield, preventing anything from passing through. Even better, this ergonomic approach enables you to replace the eye cover rapidly without additional equipment. Meanwhile, the inside lining is machine washable and moisture-wicking. And, compared to other solutions, this motorcycle helmet-friendly is considerably less expensive!

6. Bell Qualifier Full Face

Why this helmet is considered the greatest motorcycle helmet for the glasses wearers? So, we’re here to tell you everything about the Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet. First and foremost, this helmet comprises a lightweight polycarbonate composite shell that provides solid protection for your head. It also comes in three different shell sizes, allowing it to suit even the tiniest heads. In addition, the helmet has a release shield mechanism that will enable you to remove the shield with a single click.

Bell Qualifier - helmets for glass wearers
Bell Qualifier

Another fantastic feature of this helmet is the cushioned wind collar, which helps to limit wind and noise for a quieter ride. Even better, it has inbuilt speaker pockets where you can put your Bluetooth headset and hear other riders on the road! Furthermore, the hat incorporates sculpted cheek pads to secure the cheek lining. In terms of the inside, the liner is also detachable and washable! While wearing this helmet, you may insert your glasses temple with ease and comfort, this is why this helmet made it in our list of helmets for glass wearers.

7. ILM 3/4

The best vintage helmet. You can tell by looking at it that the ILM 3/4 Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet, the finest motorcycle helmet for glasses wearers, is a good pick for any glasses wearer out there. The open-face construction demonstrates that it can accommodate riders who wear eyewear. It will not obstruct your vision and will surely give comfort even if the temples of your glasses are pushed on your skull.

ILM 3/4 - helmets for glass wearers
ILM 3/4

Some may be concerned about the helmet’s protection due to its open-face design. However, you should know that it has surpassed the DOT‘s safety regulations. As a result, it is guaranteed to have the necessary characteristics to protect your head from any deadly hits.

The ABS shell structure with multi-density EPS gives this helmet its toughness. As a result, it is not only long-lasting but also lightweight. Let’s remember appearances! If you love old helmets, you’ll certainly like this item. This helmet, available in Matte Black and White, epitomizes vintage meets contemporary. Finally, it is inexpensive!

Things to consider while choosing helmets for glass wearers

Fit and comfort characteristics

The most essential factor in determining how long you will wear your headgear is the comfort features of your helmet. They may come in various styles, incorporating straps and padding to customize the helmet’s fit to your particular head size. The ventilation system also helps to comfort, ensuring no sweat beads slide down your face, even on a hot summer day. Aside from these characteristics, certain motorcycle helmets may contain interior cushioning designed to suit glasses.

Weight and proper sizing

It would help if you also compared the weights of several motorcycle helmets for those who wear glasses. Even though the majority of them weigh between 3 and 5 pounds, that additional pound may make a significant impact, particularly on long-distance rides. At the same time, you want to go with something other than the lightest helmet possible. It will not only fail to offer the necessary stability, but it will also be more prone to fly off your head at highway speeds. The optimum choice is a helmet that is properly suited for your head and has sufficient weight on it to keep it firmly in place.

Safety ratings

Is it essential to state that a helmet must fulfil safety criteria to offer head protection? Always keep the safety rating in mind. Helmets in the United States must be DOT-certified, but helmets purchased in Europe must fulfil ECE standards. Snell-certified helmets are also available, as are those with two certifications. Which one to choose is primarily determined by your location’s criteria; nevertheless, like with everything, it is better to go above and above them. In my experience, a Kevlar motorbike helmet provides excellent protection.


If you wear glasses, you understand how awkward it may be to attempt to cover your head with a helmet. However, you do not have to endure all of these inconveniences. Riding a bike while wearing glasses will be a breeze with one of the finest motorcycle helmets for glasses that I’ve compiled in this study.

So before choosing a helmet in this list of helmets for glass wearers, first and foremost, you should consider the design of your spectacles. Ideally, They should have thin, straight arms that fit nicely beneath the helmet and do not flex behind your ears to create discomfort while in use. After that, think about the helmet’s design. Choose a model with adequate inside room to wear glasses comfortably while preventing strain on your brows or nose.

You can drive comfortably while wearing your glasses, no matter which helmet you pick! However, it is common knowledge that not all helmets are created equal. Some of our recommendations are more economical, while others provide greater value for money.

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