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Nolan N70-2 X Review – The New High-End Off-Road Helmet

The Nolan N70-2 X represents the new high-end off-road and off-road crossover from Nolan. It is the first on-off helmet on the market with a removable protective chin guard.

Characterized by its off-road-inspired design, its numerous technical features and its good availability of colors make it a wonderful choice. If that sounds interesting, let’s jump into it!

Nolan N70-2 X – A Helmet With Pretty Amazing Features

The Nolan N70-2 X stands out for its reduced volume, thanks to the two external shell sizes.

Coming in with an ultra-wide screen, its large visor is compatible with the use of glasses (even with the screen installed and open). It features a VPS sun visor, which is adjustable in multiple positions and equipped with an automatic folding system.

The upper ventilation system has the famous AirBooster Technology. The retention system with micrometric adjustment rocks a double lever Microlock2. In addition to that, its innovative inner comfort padding Clima Comfort has micro-perforated fabrics and adjustable neck protector.

All things considered, this makes the Nolan N70-2 X a reference for off-road and an off-road crossover suitable for the most demanding riders out there.

Sizes And Prices Of The Nolan N70-2 X

Available in sizes from XXS to XXXL, the pricing of the Nolan N70-2 X may vary.

You may choose three different versions:

  • Special, which would be $289,99, 260€ or £265 pounds.
  • Classic, which would be $329,99, 299€ or £309 pounds.
  • Great Alps, which would be $374,99, 349€ or £355 pounds.

It is definitely a budget helmet considering how many features it has. However, our Nolan N70-2 X review includes a good look into the technical characteristics.

What About The Technical Characteristics? 

The Nolan N70-2 X is safe, since it has a removable protective chin guard that passes the homologation tests provided by the UN/ECE regulations for full-face helmets.

The large surface of the anti-scratch screen (scratch resistant) allows greater vision even from the side, thus guaranteeing maximum driving comfort and increasing safety.

In addition to that, the large visor allows the use of the helmet with glasses, even with the visor installed and open.

An Incredible Pinlock Anti-Mist System

The patented regulation system allows the pinlock to be regulated, acting from the outside of the visor without the need to remove it.

The silicone profile allows, firstly, to increase the airflow between the exterior and interior, further reducing the risk of fogging. Secondly, it reduces the risk of scratches on the visor.

The Nolan N70-2 X offers a UV protection up to 400 nanometers. It can be easily disassembled for maintenance and cleaning and maybe adjusted in multiple positions.

The drive system allows it to be automatically retracted into the non-use position, thus simplifying possible emergency maneuvers derived from the need to quickly restore maximum visibility offered by the visor.

The Nolan N70-2 X Is All About Safety

The Nolan N70-2 X features a cervical protector that is removable, washable and equipped with an exclusive regulation system.

Thus, it is easy for it to adapt to the different morphologies of the riders and to the multiple configurations that derive from the different driving positions.

The helmet is also prepared and approved for the installation of the N-Com communication system and the innovative ESS (Emergency Stop Signal).

The Ventilation System Is Great Thanks To The Airbooster Technology

The exclusive upper ventilation system features AirBooster Technology.

This leads to ensures optimum ventilation where the pilot’s head needs it most: in fact, air is extracted from the upper air intake and is forced towards the most critical areas. This will guarantee maximum comfort even in extreme driving conditions.

The ventilation system is also made up of:

  • The air intake of the chin guard that offers ventilation at the height of the mouth and directs the air directly to the visor, reducing fogging.
  • Rear extractors allow the expulsion of hot and stale air, guaranteeing optimum comfort inside the helmet.

The Nolan N70- 2 X Features An Advanced Retention System

The Nolan N70-2 X comes in with a patented retention system with double lever micrometric regulation.

It is made up of an ergonomic opening lever made of thermoplastic material and a second toothed and retention lever, in aluminum.

The toothed lever releases the micrometric clamp, so the holding strap can only be opened after the opening lever has rotated. Isn’t that brilliant?

Support straps are integrated in the lining. Therefore, the interior is removable and washable. This also works to support a better fit for any rider.

The inside has a new padding concept that has been made with dual-density micro-perforated fabrics and combined with the AirBooster Technology upper ventilation system.

This favors air diffusion in the upper area of the pilot’s head. The confirmation of the chin strap facilitates the closure of the chin guard and protects from annoying air infiltration in the chin area.

Nolan N70-2 X: a great helmet for off-road riders

If you are looking for a high-end helmet for off-road, the Nolan N70-2 X might be a well worth option to look into.

Although it does not have the most advanced features, it certainly represents a great effort from Nolan to keep things on a budget.

All things considered, this is certainly a great choice for any off-road rider. Even the most demanding ones!

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  1. Im wondering what kind of gopro chin mount is on the picture ive been looking for a sleek look to mount my gopro on the chinbar of my nolan N70-2X grandes alpes.

    but cant find one that I like

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The Nolan N70-2 X represents the new high-end off-road and off-road crossover from Nolan. It is the first on-off helmet on the market with a removable protective chin guard. Characterized by its off-road-inspired design, its numerous technical features and its good availability of colors...Nolan N70-2 X Review - The New High-End Off-Road Helmet