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MATRIX ALPHA PRO THE ULTRA MODULAR: speculations, release date, and review

We are just as excited as you about the arrival of the Matrix Alpha Pro Helmet by Matrix Helmets, the UltraModular.

As we continue on the hunt for new promising products when it comes to Motorcycle helmets, we needed to tell you all the rumors, speculations news, and our review on this one.

We are interested in Military style helmets, Si-Fi futuristic helmets, helmets with heads-up display Tony Stark style and many more. Recently we stumbled upon this Matrix Alpha Pro Helmet concept by Matrix Helmets: the UltraModular, as they call it, on one of their Social Media outlets.

They Suggest this helmet will be packed with new features and technology

So here we are with the Matrix Alpha Pro The UltraModular: rumors, speculations, release date, and you will find out why they call it Pro If that sounds interesting, let’s jump into it!

Matrix Alpha Pro The UltraModular: An Unusual But Amazing Design

The shape of the Matrix Alpha Pro The UltraModular looks pretty unusual for a helmet. It reminds us of the Cybertruck, released by Elon Musk just recently. Could this be a perfect match for a Cyberquad or a CyberBike? It could indeed. Those are future releases, so let’s dig in and see a glimpse of what we may see with this amazing looking helmet for 2020.

Here at Bikers Insider, we decided to approach the CEO and Founder of the company, Pavel Vlasov, to get some information on Matrix Alpha Pro and what they’ve got for us. There is a lot of speculation around this helmet, but here is what we actually managed to find out from Matrix.

This will be the debut for matrix helmets, as it is the first time they are going to release a full face ECE helmet. Thus, it is a great challenge for Matrix, as in such a saturated market it’s hard to stand out. That is the truest when it comes to young companies as Matrix Helmets It costs over 250k to develop a basic ECE helmet model Pavel says, We are not taking into account the price of the rest of the innovation. So it’s truly a leap of faith for the company.

Fierce competition around the Matrix Alpha Pro The UltraModular

In order to truly compete with big companies, it is not enough just to make another ECE helmet, in the beginning of research and development of Matrix Alpha Pro Matrix’s team knew this and began by brainstorming ideas and researching the market. Asking customers, friends, and using social media on what is lacking in modern helmets. What can be improved and what do people think could be groundbreaking ideas.

Modern riders seem to want more functionality from their helmets, Uniqueness and new features, pro riders want better performance and user experience. There are also a few challenges and issues modern riders face when it comes to using a motorcycle helmet on various conditions, and here are some of them:

  1. One of these issues and it’s a huge one, the issue with visors fogging up despite pin-lock and other technologies.

2. The streets of big cities are getting more and more pollution, and there are a lot of people suffering from hayfever, seriously affected by pollen when riding out. Those are elements to factor in.

Another key question is: what if a biker has two or three different bikes, which is not uncommon? We all know that you won’t put a full face sports helmet when riding a Harley, or a Motocross lid when riding your favorite naked Yama.

What if you could have one helmet that can be transformed into any of the existing riding styles? Street, offroad, touring, classic, high-performance bike, or even a helmet for track days. That would be simply amazing.

Matrix’s new helmet takes into account riders’ needs

With that in mind, the Matrix Alpha Pro The UltraModular wants to tick all those boxes. They want to produce a helmet that represents the answer to what is missing in the market to fill the gap.

The idea is to make a modular helmet that you can adapt for every riding style. A all-in-one solution with full face and open face, by making a removable front part. This will allow to swap it for a totally different front part, add goggles, and peak to it. A game-changer. With this one, you might commute on your bike using the street mode, and use the offroad mode on a track during the weekend by switching front and adding those extra parts. All of that with the same helmet. Brilliant.

Matrix Alpha Pro The UltraModular features a clever design

The street version will have a built-in cozy high ventilated respo mask, that will totally eliminate any fogging on the visor. You may remove it at any time, which is definitely something quite convenient.

And The most exciting part in my view is a rear Spoiler The Aero Wing © Check this out:

The rear spoiler also called the Aero Wing ©, in an adjustable spoiler, it will have three positions that would allow you to improve your aerodynamics, turbulence, and overall performance whilst riding. this is Huge, and here is why they call it PRO

Alpha Pro helmet would be an awesome find for kind of riders that are experienced to the level so that every little detail makes a huge difference, riders who know how important it is to check how the new helmet fits into the airflow over the bike when they tuck behind the windscreen. For riders who changing lanes at high speed just my dipping a shoulder and changing the airflow for a split second, this helmet will be a game-changer!

If you are on a track, you can set it to the beast mode by lowering the wing to allow maximum aerodynamic performance. This will lead to maximum vent airflow and least drag. We believe this feature might very well disrupt the current perspective on the motorcycle helmet.

Matrix Alpha Pro The UltraModular price

UPDATE: Matrix Alpha Pro is now available for pre-order! Right now, you can choose different configurations of the helmet, with different prices. Check out the table below for more details!

Matrix Alpha Pro SportStreet/SportThe base configuration of the helmet£269,99/$340,61/€301,38
Matrix Alpha Pro MotorcrossMotocross Adjusted chin bar, visor and top of the helmet£269,99/$340,61/€301,38
Matrix Alpha Pro JetJet/Cruiser No chin bar£179,99/$227,07/€200,92
Matrix Alpha Pro Ultra ComboUltra Combo All the above configurations£349,99/$441,53/€390,68

Price to be revealed on the 29th of May, and it may surprise you, you would think there is no way you can afford such helmet but you might be surprised!, The presale is set to open on 29th but it will be limited to 1500 Only due to limits of manufacturing capacity,

But you can Register Here in order to Secure yours first!

In addition to that, customers will be able to choose their setup options online. The Matrix Alpha Pro The UltraModular will be fully upgradable, compatible with new upcoming front mask types and a whole spectrum of visors and goggles.

And here is a Kicker, since Pavel has been designing helmets for over a decade at Blaze Artworks, we can expect some badass limited editions, too. We are certainly looking forward to those.

Questions and rumors regarding the Matrix Alpha Pro The UltraModular

Our team at Bikers Insider always wants to go above and beyond. Thus, here are some questions we asked, that address the rumors and speculations around the Matrix Alpha Pro The UltraModular.

We want to know about a built-in camera, or the sweet addition of a built-in Bluetooth system that everyone wants in their helmet.

Answer: we considered to do all this inside the helmet but when it comes to electronics you need a lot of research and development, we realized that the price of the end product would be then over £1000. We really didn’t want to build something just for a few who can afford such an expensive helmet or to develop a helmet that would have low-quality components in, Answer is clear: our task is to make helmet compatible with the best communication units in the world. and there are few heads-up display and Camera ADD ON technologies emerging now such as EyeRide HUD or REVAN

For that reason, the tech that they want to include is pretty simple, and won’t be costly to develop. However, it will make a huge difference for any user. They are working with great companies like SENA, that have perfect communication solutions for a helmet that works absolutely fantastic. They are also working with companies that make rear and from view cameras that can fit any helmet so customers can buy that as an addition.

We are sure that the Matrix Alpha Pro The UltraModular will be an amazing helmet. It was about time that someone created something like this, and we only have to wait a little bit more to enjoy what will certainly be a great product.

Paulo Watanabe
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