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Honda Now Offers Home Deliveries In The USA!

The American Honda branch follows the trend set by Indian, Kawasaki, and Yamaha, urged by the COVID-19 crisis. Now, Honda will deliver all of its products to your home!

Albeit this home delivery scheme is limited to this extraordinary situation and will not continue after the pandemic, we certainly think that this business model would be very beneficial for the long term. Not just for Honda, but for other motorcycle manufacturers too.

The actual home delivery process is closely associated with the existing dealership network established by Honda partners. Its market in the USA is well-known for a tightly connected network of dealerships. That means that you can contact your nearest local dealership and discuss the order and delivery procedure with them.

Also, one important thing to know is that this home delivery program will vary according to the state you are in and the dealership you’re dealing with. We still don’t know if this program will apply to Honda’s used bikes. Ask your local dealer to find out.

All in all, we can give kudos to this growing trend among motorcycle manufacturers and can hope for it to continue long-term. Objectively, it could bring positive implications both for the manufacturers and their partners, as well as their customers.

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Source: Web Bike World

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