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Rumor: Royal Enfield Plans To Make A 650 Scrambler!

We have noticed from numerous reports that few custom shops started turning Royal Enfield 650 bikes into scrambler bikes. Well, it is undoubtedly a no-brainer choice, as the 650 bikes already have prerequisites for this kind of tweak. Having this information in mind, it looks like Royal Enfield will follow the tracks set by a select few custom shops, and prepare a scrambler bike for the near future. Maybe it will be the next one in their successful lineup, who knows?

Well, we can say that this is some great news if they prove to be true. Scramblers have hit a new popularity mark in recent times. We can see that in rising sales in this bike category for Triumph, Ducati, and numerous other motorcycle manufacturers. From a business perspective, it would be smart for the Royal Enfield to jump to the 650cc dirt bike bandwagon – the scrambler bikes.

As of this writing, both variants of Royal Enfield 650: the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT; have great sales, and are equally as good. It is well-known that Royal Enfield is planning to expand its lineup even more. Well, we can say that things will get very interesting if they decide to go for a scrambler bike route.

Other than the scrambler bike project, some reports state that Royal Enfield plans to make a larger Himalayan bike too. Nevertheless, we think that a scrambler variant of 650 is a gold mine! For starters, the Interceptor 650 already has a decent basis for a scrambler, with some small modifications, like putting a brand-new exhaust, suspension, tires, and of course – some distinctive bars.

We will follow this story up, and will post an update if Royal Enfield decides to go for a scrambler model!

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Source: Web Bike World

David Gabric
David Gabric
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  1. Some industry insiders think this points to a tougher future for Royal Enfield, when compared to the booming sales of the mid-20. Maybe so, but if the company does push ahead with its new designs, it should maintain a strong point in its domestic industry.


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