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Verge Motorcycles TS Is Almost Ready For Production!

You probably haven’t heard of an ambitious electric motorcycle company called Verge Motorcycle that hails from Finland. According to some reports, this visionary team is taking its debut model – the Verge TS, out to the press one more time before they start its production.

We also have a decent amount of specifications of the Verge TS. First of all, it has a hubless engine mounted on the rear wheel. It produces 107 horsepower and has a terrific torque of 735 lb-ft. The Verge TS provides 300 km of range for the city and 200 km for the highways. Other than that, there are a plethora of high-tier components in this bike, including the Pirelli tires and the Ohlins suspension.

While the range of the TS isn’t the best on the market, Verge has an ace up its sleeve. The ace in question is the charge time. Apparently, the bike will go from zero to hero in just four hours, which is better than most other bikes on the market. Imagine if you had a DC fast charger – you could fill this beast up in 45 to 50 minutes!

When we consider all the information about the Verge TS electric motorcycle, we can conclude that this Finnish startup is up for a promising start. Albeit it probably won’t be the best electric motorcycle on the market, it will undoubtedly be up there with the competition.

We know that the price of this bike at launch will be €24,990 (which is $27,039 or £21,902). 

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Source: Web Bike World

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David Gabric
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