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Flavor Leather Motorcycle Jacket Review

Leather jackets are one of the popular choices when it comes to motorcycle jackets. There are many different options available in leather jackets, and choosing one can be very difficult. For this reason, we are here with a Flavor leather motorcycle jacket review.

Reading this review will help you know the different features, aesthetics, and build material of this jacket. Moreover, it will help you to know how much safety and protection this jacket provides to you and much more.

Flavor Leather Jacket Review – Features

Flavor Leather Motorcycle Jacket review

The first important thing in the Flavor leather motorcycle jacket review is its features. The jacket has some fantastic features such as:

  • Excellent quality of leather.
  • Its filling is 100% cotton.
  • The removable hood offers two different styles.
  • Hip length and zip closure complete wind resistance.
  • Adjustable cuffs and an inner rib stand collar provide a perfect fit.
  • Multiple pockets for keeping your things safe.

Without further ado, let’s commence our Flavor Leather Motorcycle Jacket review!


Leather jackets are one of the favorites of bike enthusiasts. FLAVOR leather motorcycle jacket is best for tall riders. It’s a stylish jacket with a removable hood so that you can wear it in two different ways. Moreover, there are additional pockets, out of which two are outside to keep your hands warm, and three chest pockets for keeping your things.

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However, the color range is limited in this jacket, and there are only four colors available that you can choose from.  These colors include:

  • Brown
  • Black + Grey
  • Brown + Grey
  • Dark Brown + Grey

Build Material

Flavor Leather Motorcycle Jacket review

FLAVOR leather motorcycle jacket is a high-quality jacket that has been made of 100% genuine leather. It is an imported jacket, and the filling that has been used in this jacket is 100% cotton. The jacket has a hip length and zip closure which is perfect for wind resistance.

Leather jackets are durable so is the Flavor motorcycle jacket. Moreover, the lining used in this jacket is 100% polyester, so the jacket has excellent quality.

Safety and Protection

Unfortunately, the FLAVOR leather motorcycle jacket does not provide you protection and safety because there is no armor in the jacket. Therefore you cannot have this jacket for an adventurous bike ride.

If any road accident occurs, the jacket will not provide you with any benefit regarding the protection; therefore, you can wear it more as a regular jacket.


Another thing that is an issue of concern in this jacket is the airflow. There are no vents in the jacket and the ventilation jackets; therefore, it will be difficult to wear this jacket in summer. So overall you can wear this jacket as a regular jacket in winter so it can keep you warm.

Size & Fit

A size chart is available for the FLAVOR motorcycle jacket so that you can choose the right size accordingly. Moreover, the jacket’s cuffs are adjustable; there is an inner rib stand collar that is perfect for personalized fit and provides warmth.

There is a wide range of sizes available in this jacket. These include:

  • X-Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Medium Tall
  • Large
  • Large Tall
  • X-Large
  • X-Large Tall
  • XX-Large
  • 3X-Large
  • 4X
  • 4X Tall
  • 5X
  • 5X Tall
  • 6X
  • 6X Tall


USD: $149.99 – $239.99 | EUR: €123.37 – €197.37 | GBP: £106.54 – £170.47


FLAVOR leather is an option in leather motorcycle jackets. The jacket is made of high-quality leather, and its filling is complete cotton. Moreover, there is a removable hood, so it offers you two different styles of wearing this jacket.

The jacket gives a nice and modern look because of the hood. There are multiple pockets on the front. Moreover, the jacket is available in different colors, including Brown and some color combinations as well.

High-quality leather has been used in the jacket with its filling that is 100% cotton. Also, the lining of the jacket is entirely made of polyester. It is waist length and secured with zippers that make it wind resistant.

However, the jacket does not provide you with protection for having a safe bike ride because there are no armors in the jacket. Also, there is no padding; therefore, it is not safe to wear it on an adventurous bike ride.

There are no vents in the jacket, so the ventilation system is also not good. For this reason, you may not be able to wear it in summer as well because of no ventilation system.

This jacket is perfect to wear in winter is a routine, but you cannot wear it in summer. Firstly, it’s a warm leather jacket, and secondly, there are no vents in that jacket for any cooling effect. Therefore you cannot wear it in summer.

In the case of sizing, the jacket is perfect as there is a wide variety of sizes available. Also, there is a sizing chart so you can choose according to yourself. The cuff adjustment and inner rib stand collar also help to adjust the jacket.


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