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Macna’s New Summer Motorcycle Jacket, The Breeze

The recent heatwave in England is a sure sign that the northern hemisphere will have a scorching summer. The summer months are often associated with the best riding weather, but they may sometimes reach uncomfortable highs. Though skimping on some pieces of equipment might be a risky but effective solution, being selective about your gear could be better.

No matter where you’re from, the United States, Europe, or Asia, you’ll find yourself in need of some mesh garments at some point. The good news is that Macna, a Dutch producer of motorcycle equipment and clothing, ships to practically every country in the world and carries a wide selection of breathable mesh jackets. The newest one is the Breeze, and its name fits it perfectly.

Design and comfort of Macna Breeze Jacket

The classic hoodie served as inspiration for the Breeze’s urban-friendly design. Cotton and jersey are there to provide a relaxed look and soft feel. The Breeze’s spaciousness results from the large polyester mesh panels over the chest, arms, and back. Keeping in mind that Macna Breeze Jacket is still primarily a motorcycle jacket, it has two sets of CE level 1 protections on the shoulders and elbows and aramid fiber reinforcements in the fall zones to give optimum abrasion resistance. A rider can store back protection in the same manner.

Macna breeze jacket dark grey
Macna breeze jacket dark grey

Macna had the bright idea of installing a hook system in the back of the hood to keep it level and out of the way while the bike moves quickly. It is detachable, so you can leave it at home if the weather is nice. To make it easier to manipulate the zipper while wearing gloves, there is a zip-grip insert at the foot of the zipper and press-stud adjustments for the wrists and arms.

Regarding cost and availability, Macna’s Breeze jacket retails for 189.95 Euros or $195.87 at the current currency rate. Sizes range from extra small to three extra large and come in various colors and patterns. For more news and updates, keep visiting BikersInsider.

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