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Blade Leather Motorcycle Jacket Review

Leather motorcycle jackets are all-time favorites of bike enthusiasts. However, there is a wide variety of options, and the leather quality is also not the same in every jacket. Therefore it gives you a hard time choosing the one. For this reason, we are here with a blade leather motorcycle jacket review for you.

Reading this review will help you know about different features, aesthetics, and build material. Moreover, you will also get to know about the different colors and sizes available in this jacket.


Blade Leather Motorcycle Jacket Review

The first thing we will discuss in the blade leather motorcycle jacket review is this jacket’s features. The jacket has some fantastic features such as:

  • Made of cowhide leather for abrasion resistance
  • Strong and removable 5PC injection molded plastic armors in back, shoulders and elbows.
  • Strong YYK zippers with a removable quilted liner
  • Ventilation zippers and multiple pockets


This leather jacket gives a sturdy and robust look. Some people who love sports bikes love these types of jackets. However, some people do not like this jacket’s look because it gives an aggressive look.

Moreover, another concerning thing is that there is no choice of colors. Blade leather motorcycle jacket is available in only one black color.

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Build Material

Leather jackets are often durable than other types of jackets. Similarly, the blade leather motorcycle jacket is made of cowhide leather which is perfect for abrasion resistance. There is a removable quilted liner that makes it comfortable to wear.

The inner lining is removable, so you can wash it easily if you want. Zippers are also present on the sleeves of the jacket so you can fit your gloves. Moreover, dual pant attachment zippers are also available in this jacket.

Safety and Protection

The jacket provides excellent safety and protection. It has plastic molded armors at shoulders, elbows, and back, but there is also an additional pocket for armor padding at the back. The front armors are the best because they protect you against abrasion.

Blade leather motorcycle jacket also has robust built-in protection with a removable inner lining. However, if you are not happy with the plastic molded armors, you can also upgrade them.


Blade leather motorcycle jacket has a sound ventilation system because of the ventilation zippers available. If you are riding the jacket in scorching weather, you can open the front ventilation zippers.

The jacket may balloon out a bit, but in this way, the jacket will be away from your body when you are riding at speed. In this way, you will not sweat and stay protected from the hot weather outside.


Blade leather motorcycle jacket has a quilted removable liner so you can wear it in both summer and winter. In winter, you can wear this jacket because the quilted liner increases the jacket’s warmth and comfort.

However, in summer, you can remove the quilted liner. Moreover, there are ventilation zippers in the jacket that make it possible to wear this jacket in summer.

Size & Fit

Blade leather motorcycle jacket has some issues in size. The jacket fits perfectly on the chest and shoulders but around the waist, and it causes some problems. However, for the bike riders who have a hefty waistline, the jacket fits them.

There are different sizes available in this jacket. These include:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large
  • XX-Large


USD: $99.8 | EUR: €82.3 | GBP: £71.1


Blade leather motorcycle jacket is one of the options in leather motorcycle jackets. The jacket has some fantastic features, such as the cowhide leather that increases abrasion resistance. Moreover, it also has a ventilation zipper on the front.

However, the jacket looks sturdy and robust. It has an aggressive look that some bike riders do not like. Because of this jacket’s bold look, you can wear this only for bike riding and cannot be worn normally.

The jacket is made of cowhide leather that increases its durability and makes it perfect for abrasion resistance. It has an inner removable quilted liner that makes it comfortable to wear. Moreover, the jacket also has ventilation zippers on the front.

There are molded plastic armors on the front, back, and elbow. Moreover, there is padding at the back, and the inner liner has an extra pocket where you can add padding for additional protection.

The ventilation system of the jacket is also good because of the ventilation zippers. You can open these zippers when the weather is hot outside, and these will prevent you from sweating.

You can wear this jacket in both summer and winter because of the quilted removable liner. In winter, the liner keeps you warm, but in summer, you can remove it. The ventilation zippers are also helpful for airflow in summer.

There are some issues in the jacket related to sizing. It fits you correctly at the chest and shoulder, but the jacket causes some problems around the waistline. Overall the jacket is a good purchase, and you can consider purchasing it.


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