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Best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets for music 2022


Riding a motorbike is something that many individuals do for several reasons. Either for transportation to and from work or for recreation. While they might bring a great deal of excitement, they don’t offer the same comfort level as a car.

The ability to stay connected while riding a bike has never been more important than today. Thanks to advancements in technology. Some of the more common ones are catching up with old acquaintances or discovering new music.

With the rise of technology, anyone may get a Bluetooth intercom for music to be installed in motorcycle helmets. One can talk with other riders., make phone calls, and listen to their favorite music.

After reading this, you’ll be able to buy one of the top 08 best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets for music. All of which have excellent sound quality. So, don’t stop now; we have the answer to all your questions!

If you are short on time you can just check out the table to choose Bluetooth headsets for music.

Here you can also read how to pick the best Bluetooth headset for music for your motorcycle helmet.

Image Name Picked for Price
Lexin B4FM Best value for money Check Price
Sena 50K Mesh Intercom Technology  Check Price
Fodsports M1-S  Impressive Range Check Price
Cardo PackTalk Best All-Around  Check Price
HuanGou BT-S2  Full Duplex Check Price
Fotus T9S-V3 Battery life  Check Price
Tork X-Pro Best for adventure rides  Check Price
iAsus Premium Audio Premium Audio  Check Price

What is the finest Bluetooth headset for listening to music on a motorcycle? That’s exactly what we were hoping to discover. Best models allow you to play any music you desire without losing safety in the process. Additionally, many of them feature built-in intercoms.

1. Lexin B4M

With a range of 2 Km, the LEXIN B4FM motorcycle Bluetooth headset helps you talk with other riders. You can also use this headset to make and receive phone calls from a distance. And don’t forget to play music from your smartphone.

The LEXIN headset connects to your phone via Bluetooth. It allows you to listen to navigation instructions. As a result, the headset provides crystal-clear phone calls. Thanks to its noise-canceling technology and weatherproof design.

So keep this in mind as you weigh the pros and disadvantages of the LEXIN headset’s earpad sizes with your motorcycle helmets.

Lexin B4M

You can stay in touch with your buddies and set professional commands. While even you’re cruising down the road at breakneck speeds. To listen to music, make phone calls, and send FM, the HiFi Stereo Headset works with Bluetooth v3.0 protocols.

It supports Bluetooth and GPS. This system is ideal for navigating unfamiliar areas and routes at high speeds.

This Bluetooth v3.0 HiFi Stereo Headset will allow you to conduct conference calls with up to four other people. Full-duplex intercom technology allows users to interact with one another at distances of up to 1.6 kilometers.

The batteries can be used with Bluetooth headsets for music, FM radio, 15 hours of chat time, and 15 hours of music steam. Because it’s waterproof, you don’t have to worry if it snows or rains. Toggle between the headset and hands-free modes, or manage both.


  • Active noise cancellation
  • 2000 meter effective range
  • 15 hour battery life


  • Earpads may not fit in all helmets

2. Sena 30K

This Bluetooth headset pairs in seconds using the proprietary SENA mesh intercom technology. The SENA 30K immediately connects to any adjacent Mesh headset with only one button.

It’s ideal for large groups of riders as it keeps everyone linked. It connects new riders and reconnects riders out of range. 30K Mesh includes two major modes: public and private. The open public mode connects infinite riders within a mile. Up to 16 riders can connect privately within 5 kilometers.

Sena 30K

This headset also includes kilometers. Superior audio multitasking and noise cancellation. It can connect to your phone via Bluetooth, play music, navigate, listen to FM radio, and make phone calls.

Not even a loud tuned exhaust system can disrupt the noise cancellation. Despite the lack of silencers, you will be capable of communicating. It contains several useful features that can be useful in various scenarios. The audio boost function lowers the base quality while increasing the volume.

Even a single rider with a passenger can focus on navigation while listening to music. Unlike similar products, this headset fits half helmet; buy ear coverings to speakers.

Longer excursions will drain the battery, especially if both systems are used. Also, several customers had issues listening to music and using the intercom. The headset is larger than competitors, making it difficult to fit on the helmet, and it is not waterproof.


  • Audio boost technology
  • Great audio
  • Adaptive audio


  • Battery backup is not so good
  • Headset may not fit in all helmets

3. Fodsports M1S Pro

The Fodsports M1S Pro motorcycle headset has the most range of 2,000 meters. It is ideal for long rider-to-rider intercom calls. A waterproof design means it can be used in wet and dry conditions. It features noise-canceling technology for clear, sharp sound when riding.

Even though the Fodsports M1S Pro can talk for 20 hours on a phone call, it can only talk for 12 hours over an intercom. So, if you plan on conversing with other passengers, this may not be the best option for you.

Despite this, the Fodsports M1S Pro offers some outstanding features. It will allow you to communicate and listen to music while you’re out on the road.

The price of this headset is likely to be a deciding factor. You’ll get a high-quality sound reproduction for your money. The volume is more than acceptable, particularly when listening to music. At slower speeds, the bass in the music is amplified, making it more fun to listen to.

The headset appears to connect to smartphones for music and phone conversations. The headset can be attached to the helmet with a single clip. Compared to other headsets in the same price range, the battery life is superior.

The mic and speakers are adjustable in various ways because they are not part of the headset device. Their absence of attachment to the headset is useful to verify that you communicate across the intercom or phone calls.

It’s a little harder to switch between the music and the intercom than other devices. Compared to some of its more expensive competitors, the general quality is lesser.

Besides, the control buttons are difficult to press, especially with motorcycle gloves on.


  • Impressive intercom range
  • Great battery backup upto 20 hours
  • Noise cancellation


  • Talktime is limited to 12 hours
  • Control buttons are hard to operate

4. Cardo PackTalk

People who ride bikes are familiar with Packtalk, which is the product. The technology allows you to listen to your radio station, music, or GPS navigation. While conversing with the other person via the intercom. 15 riders can connect to DMC Mesh Networking using a single interface.

It is possible to join a mesh-group chat using a conventional Bluetooth intercom. The rider can connect through or any mobile network. There is also the option to have a private conversation between two passengers. No one else can hear them or disturb them.

Cardo PackTalk

Customers may rest assured that the brand will provide them with high-quality technology. The price is also very reasonable. The Packtalk feature set is the ideal way to connect Bluetooth devices to each other. No matter what time of year it is, you can take this product everywhere because it is water-resistant. The rider’s dust-free status is a huge problem when traveling for an extended period. You won’t have to worry about the device getting covered in any grease, dust, or filth.

Clear speech recognition, self-adjusting volume, SmartSet app Customization features. Extra features include Remote Control, flat-plate control panel, distinctive roller-wheel, and HD speakers. The length of the speakers is 3.5 mm, which is the standard diameter for most headsets. It makes cardo packtalk one of the strongest contender in the list of Bluetooth headsets for music.


  • Excellent audio quality
  • Great voice control
  • 1600 meters intercom range


  • Price is on higher side

5. HuanGou BT-S2

This Bluetooth headset features a CSR Bluetooth Chip, a full-duplex communicator. This system allows three bikers to pair and two riders to communicate via the intercom.

The Bluetooth system connects to cellphones as an intercom. With a push-button between music, navigation, and communication. It allows you to ride more by providing hands-free and wireless music streaming.

Not only is it convenient, but it also works well with any full-face helmet and most half-face helmets. It can cover ears or have the option for an extra earpad placement. Bluetooth connectivity is also included. It allows you to pair it with any smartphone and BT-S series Bluetooth Headset.

The headset’s design makes it possible to use the controls even when wearing heavy gloves. The buckle-style connection between the headset and the fastener makes installation easy. Go for it if you need a less expensive headset and a simple setup and control method.

HuanGou BT-S2

This Bluetooth headset is one of the most simple to pair with phones or other headsets. The charging of the battery is simple. The recharged battery lasts at least 8 hours, depending on usage.

It features a lightweight design and is simple to attach the headset to the helmet outside. Although the offered instructions appear to be quite straightforward. You can rely on the seller’s customer support to assist you in resolving any issues.

Another advantage is the rubberized and waterproof outside material. It will protect your headset from rain, dirt, and scratches. Excellent for riding motorcycles and snowmobiles in wet situations. Moreover, the silicone makes the headset more flexible while wearing a half helmet. It makes one of the ideal Bluetooth headsets for music.

This headset is a great buy; but, don’t get it if you want to use it at high speeds because the sound quality degrades. Although the headset is compatible with all helmets, the speaker’s ear cushion is oval. It could be tough to fit inside your helmet. Before purchasing, double-check the fit.


  • Easy to install
  • Lightweght design
  • Weather sealed


  • Poor sound on high speed
  • Speakers are of oval shape

6. Fotus T9S-V3

Using the FOTUS T9S-V3 headset, you can communicate and listen to music, podcasts, and more without dealing with muffled or echoed sounds. This is the best feature of the headset. Motorcyclists can benefit greatly from this, as the vehicle’s high-pitched noise and wind resistance can greatly affect audio quality.

Fotus T9S V3

With a 1,400-meter intercom range, the FOTUS T9S-V3 motorbike headset likewise ranks among the best in its class. Compared to other smartphones, this one has a battery that can last 15 hours of call time or 20 hours of audio playback. The longer the intercom range or, the longer the battery life of your headset, bear this in mind.

For a low price, the FOTUS T9S-V3 headset is an excellent choice. Most riders will find it a good choice because of its weatherproofing, wide intercom range, and high-quality audio capabilities.


  • Great audio quality
  • Can work in freezing conditions
  • Intercom range of 1400 meters


  • Poor battery backup

7. Tork X-Pro helmet speakers

Do you require a helmet with great audio? The best product is here. With the Tork X-Pro, you can easily adjust the volume of your speakers thanks to a volume adjustment control cord. In addition to iPods, iPhones, and Androids, they may also be used with MP3 players.

The dual speakers can produce a high volume even when riding at high speeds. This product is well-known for its comfort, flatness, and thinness, as well as its outstanding performance. Hand-assembly of the components ensures the product’s high quality. The Tork X-pro is one of the loudest speakers on the market, making it feel like you’re wearing a party.

Tork X-Pro

106 dB/1 kHz, 500 mW of power, and 32 ohms of resistance are required for this device to operate. It is a volume control cord. The speakers have a stereo sound and are around 5 cm in diameter by 1 cm thick.

A one-year warranty is included. The powerful bass response is also included in the superb sound quality. The product’s dimensions are 5 x 8.2 x 0.8 inches, and it weighs 3.2 ounces.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • High bass
  • Comes with one year warranty


  • Bluetooth connectivity is not very good

8. iAsus Premium Audio helmet speakers

New features have been added to this model, an improved version of the previous two models. The aluminum chassis of the new model makes it both light and elegant. It is equipped with high-quality audio drivers that produce the clearest and loudest sound compared to other full-sized headphones on the market.

As long as the helmet has foam padding, you’ll be happy with the XSound 3. It consists of Kevlar-reinforced wire for over 10 lbs. of pulling force. There are two wires, one of which is 40 cm long and the other 20 cm long.

iASUS Premium Audio

It contains foam pads that raise the speakers to a height where the ear may hear them. It has been tested and proven effective on various mobile media devices, including Stealth Bluetooth headphones, iASUS portable amplifiers, and more.

The 40 mm drivers that come with this product have been adjusted to provide high-definition audio. Multiple wire lengths allow for easy installation and almost 10 pounds of additional stress.

Comfort coverings and foam, Velcro, and spacing cushions can be used to secure the helmet to the wearer’s ear canals for a secure fit. In terms of weight and dimensions, it is 1.28 ounces and 0.3 x 1.8 x 1.8 inches in size. It comes with a guarantee and support from the manufacturer.


  • Crystal clear audio
  • Built in foam pads
  • 40 mm speakers


  • Sound quality varies with speed


This top motorcycle helmet speakers list includes both wireless and wired speakers. Wireless speakers cost nearly twice as much as their cable counterparts. Customers will choose the one that best fits their needs and preferences.

Your choice of Bluetooth headsets for music is influenced by your budget and the features available to you in that price range. Depending on your needs, you may prefer a headset with fewer features or one that includes all of them.

The SENA 30K-01 Headset is our favorite of the headsets we tested. In our opinion, this model strikes the perfect combination between excellent wireless connectivity, high-quality audio output, and ease of use. In the end, I had to choose between it and the Fodsports M1S Pro because both are fantastic deals.

The HuanGou BT-S2 is a great option if you’re looking for something a little smaller. It provides high-quality audio and lets you enjoy your music in full detail. It’s also quite durable and waterproof, so you can rely on it.

The LEXIN B4FM is a great choice if you listen to your music while using a high-quality intercom. Small parties of up to four cyclists can enjoy the music while out on the road, or you can simply ride solo and listen to your favorite tracks.

We could have picked any of these four models as our favorite because we loved them all. To determine which one is best for you, please look at our buying guide. Just pick the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset for music, and you’ll be good to go!

So, these are the best Bluetooth headsets for music systems for motorcycles currently available on the market. You can see from this extensive guide that each product has its own unique set of features that other products don’t. Anyone may use these Bluetooth headsets for music in motorbike helmets, which are easier to use.

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