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Best Bluetooth headset for half helmets Updated for [2023 Edition]


This blog post is designed to Stay up to date with the latest in Bluetooth technology with our comprehensive list of the top 10 devices for open-face and half helmets

Since we made this post, a lot of Bluetooth technology has changed, so we had to spend a considerable amount of time going through what people are saying from multiple sources online, including :

  • Reviews on retail websites
  • Amazon
  • and Reddit

We researched All about the newest Bluetooth devices and whether devices from previous years still hold their mark as top-rated devices on the market. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 devices that are best suited for open-face helmets and half helmets for 2023

If you are in a hurry you can take a look at the summary table to narrow down your pick.

Image  Helmet Picked for Product Link
Cardo PackTalk Slim  Lightweight profile Check Price
Sena SMH10H Ease of use  Check Price
Sena SMH5  Long Battery Backup Check Price
Cardo Freecom 4+ Premium build  Check Price
Sena SMH10R Minimalistic design Check Price
Fodsports M1-S Pro Support for wide range of half helmets  Check Price
Sena SPH10H Universal Intercom Technology  Check Price
Fodsports FX8 Dual mic option  Check Price
Freedconn T-COMVB Most affordable option  Check Price
Lexin LX-FT4 2 Years warranty  Check Price

Your smartphone’s functions are brought into your helmet, too, for its communication purposes. This device has hands-free capabilities. It is a huge benefit because picking up the phone during a busy road.

When choosing the best headset available on the market, the options can be puzzling. After research, we compiled the list of the best Bluetooth headset for half-helmets.

Things to consider before purchasing Bluetooth headsets for half helmets


The first thing to think about is the range of the communication channels. Consider this if you’ll be riding in a secluded location. It’s a good idea to check into a headset with a greater range of buildings or other vehicles blocking your signal.

The range of a headset relies on the type and power level of its battery, as well as the distance it can work before being detached from your bike.

Bluetooth version and compatibility

How many Bluetooth devices your headset can connect to is determined by the version of Bluetooth you have. You may benefit from a higher version of Bluetooth if you plan to use it for various applications.

If you’re looking for a headset that can connect to any Bluetooth communication device at the same time, you’ll need to go elsewhere. Consider purchasing a Bluetooth headset for a half helmets device that can be used for more than simply connecting your devices.


These days, many of the headsets on the market have battery life that may last for up to 20 hours! The device’s battery must last as long as you require it to.


Because the headset’s weight might affect your riding experience, the headset’s size is also important. As far as size is concerned, make sure it doesn’t fall off as you ride!

Audio quality

A Bluetooth headset’s sound quality is critical, especially if there are other riders nearby or a lot of traffic noise. When choosing headsets, check to see if they have adequate audio quality so you can hear everything.


You should check prices and do your research before making a purchase because the price can vary depending on what you need!

Noise cancellation

Wind and engine noise can be reduced with noise cancellation, which is an option on some headsets.

Weather sealing

Wind and engine noise can be reduced with noise cancellation, which is an option on some headsets.

You can read a detailed guide about how to choose a Bluetooth communication system for your helmet.

1. SENA SMH10 Bluetooth headset for half helmets

To keep the rider linked to their partners over longer distances and enjoy the trip while listening to their favorite music. Sena always designs high-quality headsets and intercoms.

You can have a hands-free phone call and connect with other riders up to 980 yards away. Thanks to the SMH10D-10 Bluetooth headset for half helmets from Sena. Because of the eye-catching style, you’ll have no problem cruising around on your bike.

Sena SMH10

The stereo Bluetooth headset for half helmets features clear sound will give an extra boost and cancel the noise.

It also has noise control that aims to suppress background noise. Even when traveling at speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour.

With this headset, you may connect to other brands on the market, a feature of the Universal Intercom protocol.

Jog dials are also included, making it simple to use while riding. Besides, to stop, play, forward, and backward operations. The Sena SMH10D-10 Bluetooth music playback can also regulate the volume for various audio sources.


  • High quality audio
  • Ease of use
  • Supports other brands


  • Bass is less
  • Pairing procedure is not very smooth

2. SENA SPH10H bluetooth headsets for half helmet

The Sena Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of Bluetooth devices. SPH10H intends to connect with a Bluetooth headset for half helmets alongside the Sena SPH10H-01.

Installing the two triangular earpieces in the chin strap of the half-helmet is simple because of its excellent audio quality and simple one-button operation.

Sena SPH10H

The Bluetooth intercom technology makes it simple to pair audio and video devices. Additionally, this system offers a noise-cancellation capability. It reduces the engine’s sound and the wind. After you get off the bike, you won’t get a headache from the engine noise or wind.

The SPH10H features activation with voice commands. It is a great feature because it eliminates taking your eyes off the road to control the headset.

You don’t have to touch this equipment because the voice command can control it. This allows you to maintain your eyes and attention on the road.


  • Easily to install
  • Features Universal Intercom Technology
  • Audio quality is great


  • Does not fit in all half helmets

3. SENA SMH5 Bluetooth headset for half helmets

Sena SMH5 is one of Sena’s best Bluetooth headset for half helmets that offers many features for a modest price.

If you’re on a tight budget and want to get a Sena headset, this is a fantastic choice.

It has Bluetooth 3.0 technology. It allows riders to ride hands-free while listening to music and communicating with their biking buddy. Sena SMH5 has natural and crystal clear sound quality and advanced noise management. It lowers background noise and provides an automatic boost in noisy areas.

Sena SMH5

The jog dial and large button make it simple to control while riding. This low-cost intercom is compatible with all other intercom systems on the market. If your companion does not have Sena, this will help you connect.

The advantage of the SMH5 is that it is rechargeable while driving, always a great feature. The battery backup is great, providing 8 hours of talk time and seven days of standby time.


  • Advanced noice control
  • Long battery backup
  • Affordable price


  • Supports older version of Bluetooth 3.0

4. Cardo Freecom 4+

A motorcycle rider can converse in four-way Bluetooth mode with the Cardo Freecom 4+. Its sound quality outperforms that of other models. It has high-quality JBL speakers for listening to music at your leisure.

In addition, you can use your voice to operate your headset. There is no need for a wheel, a push-button, or a slider. Instead, you can use your headset’s voice control. Your mobile device may access the music and GPS.

Cardo Freecom 4 Plus

This item comes with a built-in FM radio. It can connect you to up to three other riders. It also features a built-in microphone, allowing you to communicate with them. This stylish and tiny headset is simple to install in your helmet.

Because of its sturdiness, water and dust resistance, and novice friendliness, you can use this device to listen to music, make calls, and stay in touch with friends and family.


  • Features JBL speakers
  • Voice assistant
  • Weather shielding
  • Long battery


  • Supports only 4 riders

5. Cardo Packtalk Slim

To use Packtalk slim, say “Hey Cardo” to activate the Natural speech operating capability. The Cardo team is constantly improving the user experience by adding features.

One of the best speakers on the market, the JBL Cardo, provides an immersive audio experience. Using Bluetooth 4.1, you may link up to 15 riders in DMC mesh intercom mode.

Cardo PackTalk Slim

DMC mesh riders may enjoy a Bluetooth range of up to 8 kilometers thanks to the adaptability of this headset (more than six riders).

The waterproof design of Cardo allows it to work reliably in a downpour for up to six hours of conversation time and one week of standby time. One week of standby life and up to 12 hours of talking time make this a superb battery option.

The Cardo Packtalk can also be charged on the fly, which we think is a nice perk.


  • Easy to install
  • GPS and music work seamlessly
  • Featuring Dynamic Mesh Contro DMC


  • Price is bit higher

6. Fodsports M1S Pro

Fodsports is another fantastic brand that sells cycling equipment and produces high-quality gear. The M1-S Pro has a 4.1 Bluetooth version. It provides greater reliability and connectivity with other brands on the market. This allows communication between up to eight riders at once, with a most of two kilometers.

The hands-free function allows you to listen to music while retrieving GPS routes. Because of the noise reduction, the M1-S Pro has crystal clear audio quality. With powerful bass, it delivers music or voice without disruption from ambient noise.

Fodsports M1S Pro

Furthermore, the best feature of this headset communicator is that it is waterproof. It is ideal for use while riding in the rain. This low-cost headset does not have all the functionality of higher-priced headsets.

It also includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. A detachable metal clip for mounting it on any helmet at any time. The excellent connectivity and ease of use are reasons this model is one of the best sellers.


  • User friendly
  • Affordable price
  • Supports wide range of half helmets


  • Bass quality is not very promising
  • No build in FM Radio

7. Fodsports FX8

Fodsports is a well-known name in the motorcycle community. They produce high-quality, simple headsets to adjust and use. Noise reduction features in Fodsports FX8 despite the vehicle’s ability to reach 120 km per hour.

The high fidelity and high impedance speaker produce a clear and crisp voice. It proves that the intercom is of great quality. For open-faced helmets or Bluetooth headset for half helmets of the Fx8 type are ideal. A boom microphone is there to ensure that the half-helmet is completely shielded. Full-face helmets use a soft-wired microphone.

Fodsports FX-8

Up to eight passengers can connect at once with this intercom. This can make the ride even more enjoyable. Continuous intercom contact is possible because of the antenna’s unique design. You can use your phone’s hands-free feature in some cases to interact with it. Fx8 can link to a music player and a GPS through the built-in smart chip.

It is also compatible with many Bluetooth headset for half helmets, such as FX6, M1s, FX4 Pro, and more. FX8’s waterproof design means it may be used even in the most unfriendly climates without fear of damage. Listening to music and conversing with others is possible using a wired cable connection.


  • Dual mic option
  • Weather sealed
  • Compatible with orhter devices


  • Control buttons are hard to use

8. Freedconn T-COMVB

Suppose you think you can’t afford a headset because of excessive pricing. In that case, Freedconn has you covered with this low-cost headset that includes some awesome functions.

The low price does not reflect a lower standard of quality. Compared to a high-priced headset, this headset can link Bluetooth with up to three riders and two riders to an intercom.

Freedconn T-COMVB

It features DPS echo canceling and noise reduction technology at high speeds. It lowers wind noise and provides uninterrupted service. Soft, clear voice and stereo music can be heard even while driving at high speeds.

Additionally, it includes a built-in FM radio and a hands-free capability that makes it safe to ride. Besides, you may listen to music while on the phone or using GPS services. The system switches between intercom, phone call, and stereo music.

Because it is a waterproof intercom and is a great option for those with full or half helmets.


  • Very affordable price
  • Noise cancellation
  • Great battery backup


  • The bass is not good
  • Intercom range is not good

9. Lexin LX-FT4

The Lexin moto LX-FT4 connects up to four riders with most Bluetooth communication devices that aren’t Lexin-compatible. It works with them seamlessly.

LX-FT4’s hands-free capability lets you enjoy your favorite music or get GPS directions while riding. It also enables group voice conversation.

Lexin LX-FT4

All you have to do is press the Siri button on the device’s FM radio tuner to activate Siri. Using this device, you may also use voice commands for calling or rejecting calls. Voice assistant is helpful in accessing other FT4 functions.

The HD speakers on the headsets are ideal for delivering high-quality voice to the user. In harsh weather, FT4 has been put through the wringer in various situations. It includes ice, snow, rain, and storms, and it has performed.


  • Weather sealed
  • User friendly
  • 2 years warranty


  • Does not work properly on high speed
  • Voice assitant does not work properly

10. Sena SMH10R

This gadget has a flat layout with three switches, no jog dial/button combo. However, the SMH10R low-profile motorbike Bluetooth headset for half helmets has almost the same functions as its larger rivals.

After all, it is a small device that makes riding your motorcycle more fun and convenient, especially if you ride with companions.

Sena SMH10R

The SMH10R’s flat Bluetooth cable contains:

  • Three mini-connectors.
  • Two-pin connectors for the mic and battery.
  • A four-pin interface for the more significant headset.

The connectors are made to fit together and have easy connections to prevent misalignment due to their thinness.

The SMH10R has three haptic controls: the Middle button, Volume Up (+) and Volume Down (-). (-). It is designed to be lightweight and adaptable to fit any helmet.

It features long battery life (8 hours talk time or seven days on standby). It is more than enough for a day ride. Both the caller and the receiver have minimal background noise. The group’s communication is fluid.


  • Device pairing is easy
  • Great battery life
  • Aesthetically looks cooler


  • Functions are limited


Riding a motorcycle gives you a perspective on personal freedom than driving a car. When you’re riding, and you can feel the wind on your skin, it’s a new kind of exhilaration. The experience is more thrilling in an open helmet. A typical issue while riding while is that it might be difficult to talk or listen to music while on the road.

Even if you don’t ride for long periods, you can’t take your hands off the handlebars. Listening to music while driving is also a challenge because of the rushing wind’s background noise. When riding in traffic, you must wear a helmet for your own protection. You can’t use your regular headset while doing so.

This is where Bluetooth headsets for motorcycles come into play. While riding, bikers may make calls and listen to music without removing their helmets. Thanks to these headsets, they don’t need to fumble around with another device.

Choosing the best motorbike Bluetooth headset for half helmets for your unique demands. You need a robust Bluetooth range and high-quality noise cancellation, which is critical.

The cost of these customized headsets is an important issue for any buyer. Although they may not have all the features of pricier brands, they provide reliable communication.

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