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Top 9 Café Racer style helmets 2021-2022

The one problem Cafe Racers used to have is finding a helmet that would match your retro cafe racer-style motorcycle. Apart from open-face helmets, there wasn’t much on the market to choose from. Most manufacturers would focus primarily on sporty style helmets rather than Café racer style helmets.

Nowadays we can see helmet producers finally admitted, retro style is not going anywhere. In fact, every day there are more and more people start to admire vintage/classic styles of motorcycling.
Today in 2021-2022 we have a wide range of retro café racer-style helmets on the market to choose from, so we thought we find top-looking ones with the best features. We will try to help you in making the right decision, of course, based on your budget and style preference.

If you are in a hurry here is a table of our top picks. Below the table, you will find a detailed description of each of these Café racer-style helmets.

Image Helmet Picked For Price
HJC v90 dual colour HJC v90 Best Versatility wise Check Price
Shoei Glamster retro cafe racer helmet blue Shoei Glamster Comfortable lining Check Price
XG100R SPEEDWAY WHITE cafe race retro helmet Nexx XG100R Quality build Check Price
AGV x3000 retro vintage cafe racer helmet AGV x3000 Best visibility  Check Price
Biltwell Lane Splitter  Sturdy construction Check Price
Bell Moto 3 Fasthouse  Premium build Check Price
Schuberth M1 Pro  Integrated communication  Check Price
Arai Defiant X   Great graphics options Check Price
AGV K6  Innovative shield  Check Price

1) HJC V90 Black – The versatile cafe racer helmet


HJC v90 is a modular helmet with a blend of very retro and modern styling aesthetics, it is the first vintage style helmet featuring a flip front and drop-down sun visor making it a totally different breed of the helmet, perfect for cafe racers and scooter riders.

The Helmet Shell is made from a fiberglass material with makes it unusually light for a modular helmet, due to a 2 shell sizes helmet fit true to an HJC size chart, sizes available: XS to 2XL, according to user feedback helmet fits very snug which is great for stability when you flip the front open.


The helmet has a front ventilation port which helps a lot to demist a visor, HJC v90 has active top ventilation with an exhaust vent at the back.

Since HJC Partnered with Sena in creating smart 10B and 20B Bluetooth systems, this helmet is designed to accommodate this system, it has a battery compartment at the back as well as speakers and mic cutouts inside the thermoplastic liner, which make this helmet even more versatile.


  • Flip Front
  • Double D Fastening
  • SilverCool antibacterial Moisture-wicking interior
  • Dropdown Sunshield
  • Bluetooth ready


  • Sena Bluetooth ready
  • Great active ventilation
  • Lightweigh firbeglass construction
  • Very comfortable


  • No Pinlock
  • Internal sun visor sits slight too high

2) Shoei Glamster – Cafe racer helmet with comfortable lining

Shoei Glamstor
Shoei Glamstor

Styled as an advanced version of a Café racer style helmets. The neo exemplary Shoei Glamster is designated at the Bike Shed cherishing. Since the Glamster might resemble an old helmet. The shell development is cutting-edge utilizing Shoei’s AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) development.

Build and Safety

It involves a combination of natural and glass strands to give a solid shell that stays lightweight. A similar development is utilized on Shoei’s superior models like the NXR and Neotec 2.

With a revealed weight of 1350g, the Glamster is no heavyweight. With some open face caps, for example, the Shoei J-Cruise II, in any event, coming in heavier.
With regards to the retro design of the Glamster, venting is kept to a flat out least with vents in the jawline bar and temple as it were.

Visor and Ventilation

The jaw vents are open and give some wind current both to the visor. To help forestall moistening, and to within the head protector. These are safe with a mesh inside to prevent the entrance of bugs and other unwanted objects.

Indeed, even with the visor shut, yet, wind current up from the jawline region. It implies that the Glamster is not going to be your best option as an all-year head protector. Yet, the consideration of an extra jaw window ornament is a great touch. It has a perceptible effect on both breeze and commotion from this space. The visor on the Glamster is its most weak component. The visor is held set up on each side by aluminum sheets which are sunk spots. While the screw heads are with regards to large to allow the use of coins, keys.

While the visor and mech are un-Shoei-esque. The lining goes some way or another to reclaiming the helmet– extravagant and woolen. The completely removable and launderable lining reminds you why Shoei head protectors have been so well known for such a long time. In case you are searching for the retro-styled protective helmet to go with your cafe racer, however, and in the event that you can live with the visor system, the Glamster settles on an extraordinary decision.


  • Retro look is great
  • Comfortable lining


  • Does not feel premium
  • Old-fashioned visor

3) Nexx XG100R – Helmet with the quality build

Nexx G100R
Nexx G100R

That’s a composite fiber Café racer style helmets with a chin bar yet no fixed visor. You can get a bizarre external gentle plastic visor held in the vicinity through snaps. That’s pleasant if you like to attempt something different, but no longer if you’re riding serious miles.
The Nexx X.G100R (R for racer) is step forward in the X.G100’s evolution.

Build and Safety

The X.G100R is on hand in each full carbon and Nexx’s X-Matrix composite material. That’s a composite of well each generic hi-tech helmet material you can assume of. It consists of fiberglass, aramid, carbon, and natural fibers forming a complex laminate.
The XG100 Racer is of course ECE certified. A helmet that fits and is comfortable is as vital for protection as an excessive SHARP (or Snell) rating. Like most retro helmets, it’s truthful to say it’s a bit of a compromise. Nexx has decided to do barring head vents (and the chin vent isn’t the best). That historical style visor doesn’t supply you with all the utility of present-day visors.

Visor and Ventilation

It’s a flat poly-carbonate visor – Nexx mentions that it’s a Lexan visor but that’s a manufacturer of. There is nothing to write about due to the fact all visors are poly-carbonate.

Having stated that, Nexx has upgraded the lining with the R model (and retrofitted it to the historic X.G100). They both use Nexx’s X-Mart Dry moisture-wicking, antiallergenic materials. That’s a decent performance cloth and one that makes for a cozy helmet lining.The looks of the XG100R speak for themselves. You’ve read this to some extent because you’re offered on the thinking of a retro helmet but one with a few current touches.

The nice clean shell form of the XG100R appears to be a slippery shape as ways as aero’s concerned. We’ve heard owners announcing it has the fantastic aero of all the retro helmets out there. Build best is praised, which thinking about it’s not the most steeply-priced helmet around is a remarkable fete by means of Nexx.


  • leek design and secure magnetic air mount.
  • Second-generation Dynamic Mesh Communication for group riding.
  • High-quality 40mm JBL speakers and noise-cancelling microphone.
  • Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity for seamless integration with smartphones.
  • USB-C quick charge for faster charging times.
  • Long battery life (13 hours) to keep you connected throughout your ride.
  • Voice commands for hands-free operation.
  • Over-the-air updates for continuous improvements and new features.
  • Waterproof design to withstand harsh weather conditions.


  • Pricier compared to some alternatives.
  • Battery life updates only provided in 25% increments.
  • The magnetic mount makes the unit stick out, causing turbulence and wind noise.
  • Occasional unresponsiveness from Siri (possibly an Apple issue).

4) AGV x3000 – The helmet with the best visibility

AGV X3000
AGV X3000

AGV’s legacy has inspired the full-face helmet line. What sets the X3000 apart from its retro revival is the fact that it was designed as a replica of the first full-size AGV helmet worn by legendary motorcycle racer Giacomo Agostini in 1969. Ago was involved in developing the original helmet on which the X3000 is based, giving this nostalgic hat more credibility on the street than the typical vintage brain bucket.

Build and Safety

The AGV X3000 look is definitely retro. AGV decided to keep the original truncated chin bar that Ago asked to put his head on in the gas tank while in the group. The school uniform is outdated, but the material is not at all. The X3000 body is made of Advanced Composite Fiber (AFC) and is available in three sizes (XS MS, ML L, and XL XXL) to fit the dimensions of your helmet.

The lining is made of micro suede as the main material to give comfort to the face, and the lower part is covered with leather to block moisture from the helmet. The X3000 used a standard double D-ring clasp. The only intake port is on the forehead and opens after removing the rubber insert on the visor. Air exhausts through the top of the head through this hole. I’m not a fan of removable helmet deflector caps in general. Fits the Pista GPR for weight savings and you may not want to open and close the vents during the race, but otherwise, the risk of losing the plug can be annoying.

Visor and Ventilation

Thankfully, AGV added a small pocket on the underside of the right cheek area to fit the X3000’s vent plug. clever. The shield is removable and available in three colors (Dark Smoke, Yellow, and Silver Iridium). Unfortunately, you will need a hex wrench to remove the shield. It’s not fancy, but it’s not the tool-less system you see on most helmets today. The shield has a clasp and locks on the left to keep it closed. I think the X3000 is one of the most beautiful retro helmets on the market with so much attention to detail. The actual history of the helmet is also interesting, and the fact that GOAT, Giacomo Agostini is involved (probably) takes that cool element to a whole other level, but I think hell is expensive. Is it worth it? You have to decide for yourself.



  • Well ventilated
  • Great aerodynamics
  • Lightweight
  • Good visibility


  • High price

5) Biltwell lane splitter – Sturdy helmet

Biltwell Lane Splitter
Biltwell Lane Splitter

The Biltwell Lane Splitter is an eye-catching and stylish Café racer style helmet with great workmanship. It lacks some more advanced features, but for about $ 250, this helmet offers a retro style and rugged construction.

Build and Safety

Of course, everyone has their own opinion about style, so there are a few denials in the looks department. I think it’s cool. It has the atmosphere of a retro enduro helmet without a summit. The helmet build of an injection-molded ABS-plastic outer shell with a three-part EPS, molded urethane chin bar pad, ECE certified poly-carbonate visor, removable inner lining, and chin with fleece lycra. Comes with straps and adjustable items. A d ring-style restraint system with practical push buttons for extra belts.

The Biltwell weighs about 3.5 pounds. I didn’t have a super-accurate scale, but this is the number I see listed in various resources and I think it’s accurate. The helmet doesn’t feel heavy or awkward. Biltwell competes directly with Simpson Bandit, and this helmet is a few ounces heavier.

Visor and Ventilation

The visor itself is Ok. Must be resistant to scratches and fogging. I didn’t see any scratches, but it became cloudy once in the rain. Despite all of these chin vents, I had to crack the visor to get some air around the visor to get rid of the fogging.
The cheek pads are close to the face and the small curtain on the neck is tight but does not suffocate. The placement of the chin straps is somewhat clunky. Comfortable chin strap, but slightly behind. If you have a thick neck, you may feel uncomfortable.

Also, the chin bar has more vents than necessary, and there is one large vent on the top back of the helmet. Is it the most impressive full-face motorcycle helmet available for $ 250? No, Cameron says the Scorpion EXOR710 is, and this helmet also costs cheaper money. Even if this helmet doesn’t make such a stunning retro fashion statement, I have to agree with him.

The Biltwell Lane Splitter is a stylish and sturdy mid-range full-face bike helmet. It may be the most fashionable, but it’s far from the most advanced in price. If you’re a hipster Luddite trying to wear a modern, retro-style helmet, this is a great choice for you.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy construction
  • Stylish modern retro design
  • DOT, ECE certified


  • Noisy
  • Vents are always open

6) Bell Moto 3 fasthouse – Premium build helmet

Bell Moto 3

Following the craze and wave of nostalgia for retro racers and café racer style helmets across the motorcycle industry, Bell Helmets designed the Moto3 with a simple, clean retro line. It was a revival of the helmet of the same name in the 1970s, but now it has been redesigned for the modern era as retro, and café racer style helmets.

Build and Safety

It has a chin bar that should protect your chin slightly if you fall off the bike. Otherwise, this helmet is a 3/4 cover. The Moto 3 is designed in an old-school motocross style, so it can be worn off-road without any problems. Since there is no eye protection at all, this design supports and recommends the use of glasses. The most striking aspect of this helmet is its style, but that doesn’t mean it’s not without serious content.

Bell Moto3 is a premium lid that combines a modern design with a retro design. The design features a sleek round case with large openings for easy wearing, an EPS-lined chin rest to protect the face and 5 buttons for the brim. The peak is long and, there are others you can handle if you wish.

The exterior of the helmet is black. Flat Black comes with glossy black accent paint highlighting the Bell Moto III on either side of the helmet’s chin bar. There is a glossy black stripe on the back of the helmet and a glossy black bell logo on the top of the helmet above the window. The only vent on the helmet is on the chin bar. They have metal meshes to keep insects and debris out of their teeth but otherwise rely on large eye openings for airflow.

Visor and Ventilation

The Five snap system on the forehead of the helmet holds the visor in place. The buttons themselves are silver, so if you remove the visor, like me, you get an all-black helmet with 5 shiny buttons on top.

More helmet manufacturers should use antibacterial terry cloth linings. Soft and comfortable. It also wicks away sweat and moisture well. The fact that it is removable and washable is another major plus—not that that is a unique feature at all. Most good helmets offer this.

It is lightweight at about 3.09 pounds, puts no pressure points on your head, and provides good airflow. Just wearing the helmet, you feel free and comfortable, whereas some helmets feel restricting or claustrophobic.

The Moto3 is very open and open, with the added benefit of an EPS-lined chin bar. The padding that comes with the liner is also good. It is thick and has good support. It’s likely to break a little more over time.

Bell manufactures three sizes of sinks across the full caliber range. There are four different EPS sizes. From there, Bell manages the difference in size with padding on the lining. Overall, I am in awe of how this helmet fits and feels when worn.


  • Lightweight
  • Premium feel
  • Well ventilated
  • Very comfortable


  • Noisy helmet
  • No eyes protection

7) Schuberth M1 Pro – Helmet with integrated communication

Schuberth M1 Pro

The jet helmet features an open face, a three-quarter design, and a large face shield that looks like the headgear of a jet fighter pilot. It does not look like Café racer style helmets but can be used as one with modern touch. The Schuberth M1 Pro definitely fits.
The Schuberth M1 Pro has the unique feature to easily remove the entire screen and replace it with a thin plastic visor replacement. This allows riders to wear glasses or sunglasses for an older, more open, and casual look.

Build and Safety

The Schuberth has speakers, microphones, antennas, and wiring on every M1 Pro helmet. To add Bluetooth functionality, simply remove the plastic cover on the back of the helmet and snap it onto the Cardo SRC System M1 or Sena SC1M. This allows you to enjoy music, phone calls, and communication with passengers or bikes. Could not make the process simpler. Just charge it, connect it to your phone or GPS, and you are good to go.

Naturally, the size of the helmet and the shape of the profile will vary from rider to rider. Naturally, the M1 Pro fits perfectly and meets the manufacturer’s standards without any surprises. It also has the classic ratchet snap-on chin strap and helmet-driven drop-down sun visor. Schuberth was the first to produce this sun visor, which is now a common feature throughout the industry.

Feature Rich

As with all Schuberth products, the finishes and finishes are of the highest quality, both inside and out. The new lining is removable and washable. The interior with a lot of attention to detail caresses your hair and is chic. The exterior is impeccable, from the paint to the graphics, seams, and details.

The Schuberth M1 Pro has an amazing presence among café racer style helmets when held and looked at. The casing consists of “an endless coil of fiberglass that the robot cuts into pieces and blows into a mold,” Schubert said. “A quantity of resin is added to the preform and then pressed under high pressure in a heated mold to create a very durable helmet shell.

The multi-layer inner shell design provides excellent force absorption for increased safety. So I trust more expensive helmets and gear. I believe you get what you pay for. I think, but in some cases, I could be wrong: the M1 Pro continues to use Schuberth’s patented AROS, the Anti Roll Off System.

AROS uses straps on both sides of the head that run from the back of the helmet to either side of the chinstrap. In the event of an accident, the safety device design to tighten and prevent the helmet from rolling off the rider’s head in the event of a head-on collision.


  • Quality design and build
  • Seamless communication integration
  • Comfortable
  • Distortion free visor
  • Lightweight


  • High price
  • Microphone is noisy
  • No pin-lock included

8) Arai Defiant-X – Cafe racer helmet with great graphics

Arai Defiant X

Defiant X is the successor to the popular Defiant, completely standalone design from Café racer style helmets. Arai hopes to follow its predecessors and offer products to cruisers, retro motorcyclists, and bikers. With DefiantX’s aggressive look, Arai has a great opportunity to do that. In fact, this cover is suitable for any sidewalk that stops near the track.

Build Safety

The Arai started with a hand-crafted exterior and again used proprietary fiberglass materials. The building techniques to create the exterior of the Defiant X are what Arai is famous for. The enclosure design is also used for the entry-level Arai DTX full-size enclosure. But DefiantX gets some tech from Arai’s top-tier cover in the form of a Super Fiber Belt. This technology gives the snow area above the window structural integrity and anti-collision features.

The outer sheath is the first protective layer in the event of a problem, but one-piece EPS liners in various densities do most of the hard work in saving energy. Arai designed the liner to be stiffer in the high-risk areas of the helmet and softer in the less critical areas of the helmet. The areas, where it is less likely to hit the surface in an accident.

Visor and Ventilation

When it comes to ventilation, Defiant X is the best. The ventilation of the Café racer style helmet relies on the breathable Arai Corsair X racing helmet. The chin features four mesh-covered vents adjustable using an internal slider. The feature is to keep the Defiant X clean. They are ok but it can be hard to find them with gloved hands, especially with removable curtains.

One problem with upholstery is that Arai has it stored in an emergency quick release system. A helmet at this price shouldn’t miss out on these features. because Arai uses helmets for almost all their other full-size products. The VAS is easy to use. Once you know its secrets – it’s always a little fun to remove the capsule when changing the face shield. Suffice it to say that grabbing the release lever and taking out the capsule is superb.

This is the heaviest helmet in the Arai X family at 3lbs on the scale and 10.1oz for a medium helmet. The weight is well distributed and, you won’t feel it when you’re riding in the saddle even after 10 hours.

The Arai Defiant X is exactly what many in the motorcycle industry have come to expect. While Arai tries to use the scenes of cruisers, retros, and naked bikes. Defiant X is ready to handle almost any road trip or motorcycle on the market.


  • Well ventilated
  • Broader view of view-port
  • Great graphics
  • Well ventilated


  • Check pads are rough
  • Venting control is not effective

9) AGV K6 – Helmet with the innovative shield

AGV K6 Helmet

AGV’s latest Full face K6 addresses most of the above complaints. As a brand premium road helmet, it is positioned as a Do it all lid. That said, the look isn’t that aggressive (and the graphics are much milder!)

Build and Safety

The AGV K6 outer shell is made of a 5 density Styrofoam (EPS) liner and a carbon aramid fiberglass composite developed by the AGV “Clavicle Safe“. I am. The “profile” is to relieve pressure from the clavicle in the event of an impact. There is little additional information about how exactly this profile can help, but the AGV hides evidence of this claim in one of the R & D vaults.

Vents and sliders are unobtrusive, and the soft grip bar around the base is of high quality with no gaps or gaps. According to the AGV, there are channels overhead that improve the aerodynamics of the helmet regardless of riding position. Since the position is different from the upright position to the chin of the tank, it is no exaggeration to say that the air pressure and vibration of the helmet do not change depending on the position, apart from the sound quality.

Visor and Ventilation

The visor included with the is compatible with optical class 1 with the least distortion. The AGV states that it has a horizontal field of view (FOV) of 190 °. That may be true, but for most humans, 120 degrees is normal. If you pan your eyes left and right, you can say that no part of the helmet is blocking your view.

The helmet uses an emergency double restraint system. The strap on this attachment allows the ring to slide easily, the D-ring is large and has a red grip stripe of appropriate length. The extra fastening tape is attached to the urine holder using a snap fastener on another belt. The closure is firmly padded towards the skin for comfort and stability. The

The AGV K6 meets your comfort and functionality requirements. The only major criticism is the invasion of certain types of rain. Of course, that’s a shame, but it’s not enough to put me off. My other lids were put back in their box. The K6 is fully used and will continue to be used. A helmet that is worth the price.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Innovative shield feature


  • Poor ventilation

Gallery with cafe racer helmets in detail


All of the afore-mentioned café racer style helmets come with several additional features and benefits. So I’m sure you can easily find the best cafe racer helmets on our list.

Before looking for a new helmet, make sure you have a budget and find a good helmet you can buy with that budget. Now you just need to know what you are looking for in a full-face helmet. Once you define your requirements, you can easily choose the perfect helmet.

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