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HJC Launches The New V90 Retro Modular Helmet!

HJC is known for creating one of the best motorcycle helmets on the market, so you won’t usually see them making retro-style helmets. Nevertheless, they are creating the V90 modular motorcycle helmet, a retro-style helmet, a novelty for HJC. It certainly isn’t the same retro quality like Bell or Biltwell retro-style helmets, but it is a nice aesthetic combination of modern and old.

The round shell of the helmet features a large forehead vent and a large one on the chin bar. We can see the exhaust tube at the helmet’s rear. On the other hand, the old-school-looking bubble visor is as modern as it gets. Of course, like other modular motorcycle helmets, you can move up the chin bar. 

Along with the helmet, you get an anti-fog internal sun shield. It is operable by the mechanism located on the left side of the visor. The removable interior is antibacterial and moisture-wicking. There is a gap in the interior that allows you to put Bluetooth speakers and eyeglasses.

You can get two sizes of the polycarbonate composite shell, depending on your preference. On the other hand, the helmet is available in sizes XS to XXL. For now, the price for the helmet is 319,99$ (282€/251£) for the low-end variant and 329,90$ (€290/259£) for the high-end option. 

This is a cool-looking helmet and is a great buy if you want retro aesthetics and modern features.

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Source: Web Bike World

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