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Soriano Motori Creates Its First Electric Motorcycle, Featuring Dual Engines!

The titular Italian motorcycle manufacturer has its first electric motorcycle! Their electric bike has two electric engines that feature a boxer orientation. The company will reveal its motorbike at EICMA 2020. Even though the event is still ways off, the details and the price are coming out.  

The name of the bike is Soriano EV Giaguaro. It will launch in three variants: V1R, V1S, and V1 Gara. All variants will have the duo-flex engine and three gears. Officials from Soriano claim that these engines can operate individually or concurrently to produce power.

The range of the bike will be 150 km, as we know of now. On the other hand, the top speed of the bike will be 180 km/h. Probably the different variants will have different performance and range. What further contributes to that probability is the pricing of the three different variants. 

The pricing goes like this:

  • V1R – 25,500€ (29,000$/23,000£)
  • V1S – 30,500€ (34,600$/27,450£)
  • V1 Gara – 32,500€ (36,870$/29,250£)

Soriano Motori will also create a limited series of 100 bikes that will have numbers and signatures. You can pre-order the bikes now from their website! The bikes should be in the delivery stage in Q1 2021.

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Source: Web Bike World

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David Gabric
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