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Royal Enfield Launches A Mobile Showroom!

Royal Enfield has become a significant player in the motorcycle market. They make fantastic, affordable motorcycles, market them properly, and open showrooms regularly. We have discovered an interesting tidbit; they actually opened up a portable dealership in Chiang Rai!

The portable dealership in question comes with a showroom and workshop so that essentially makes it a Royal Enfield dealership set up on a mobile home platform. That allows Enfield to sell motorcycles and showcase different parts for their bikes.

The dealership’s structure is made of shipping containers and sports a modular design. That allows for different configurations of the structure and placement in many different locations. At the moment of this writing, Royal Enfield will probably keep these in Southeast Asia, as they are focusing on expanding in this region. Well, according to their success, maybe we could see these portable dealerships in Europe or the US!

The idea of a portable dealership is certainly impressive. It can be utilized multiple times at different events, and that space is entirely under control by Royal Enfield. 

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Source: Web Bike World

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David Gabric
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