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A New Patent Shows A New Semi-Auto Transmission System From Honda!

Honda is no stranger to experimentation with semi-auto and auto transmissions. They have a semi-auto transmission on some of the Mini Moto models, and Dual-Clutch transmission (DCT) on larger motorcycles. (Africa Twin comes to mind) New patent sketches show a new semi-auto system from Honda!

From the patent, we can see the typical foot shifter for shifting gears but no manual clutch. Instead of a manual clutch, there will be a programmed “smart clutch.” That draws similarities to a quick shifter, with no need to use the clutch. So, the new transmission will work in a way when you toe the shifter, the power will be cut, and the next gear will be selected, with power going back. 

Older Hondamatic bikes had a similar transmission in the form of two-speed transmission, with horrible implementation. The new system will have six cogs and will be significantly less complicated than the current DCT transmission. We still don’t know if this system will go into production. Everyone won’t desire it, but the system could be beneficial in heavy traffic. 

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Source: Web Bike World 

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