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Is Kawasaki Vulcan H2 A Possibility?

Now, there is Ninja H2 and Z H2 from Kawasaki. There is a high possibility that Kawasaki will go along with its supercharged powertrain and create an H2 cruiser motorcycle. Some sources report that the company is indeed working on a Vulcan H2, which would have the Ninja H2 powertrain in the Vulcan body.

Based on that theory, the new Vulcan would have a 998 supercharged four-cylinder engine with fuel injection, which would put out 200 horsepower. This power would be highly impressive for a cruiser, which would be able to go from 0 to 100 km/h much faster than the Triumph Rocket 3 motorcycle.

The speculations on the Vulcan H2 started after Kawasaki announced that they would revise the Vulcan lineup in the foreseeable time. Moto Rival from Thailand even published the rendering of the potential bike in the works. 

Kawasaki still hasn’t made anything official, but that move makes sense. There has been talk about Kawasaki developing a power cruiser, which sounds a whole lot like the Vulcan H2.

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Source: Web Bike World

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