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Temporary CEO Of Norton Motorcycles Talks About The Future!

John Russell, the temporary CEO of Norton Motorcycles, talked about Norton’s future in a recent Superbike interview. The highlight of the interview is that Russell is aiming to make their customers happy again!

Russell states that Norton was making one motorcycle a week in the previous period. He said that this number would be ramped up a lot and that they would love to make motorcycles for all deposits in place. Russell states that there is no legal obligation for any of these deposits, because of the terms on which the company was sold.

Russell also commented on the poor opinions of new Norton brand motorcycles. He said that they want to be “fair and consistent,” as they don’t want people to have a negative outlook on the brand. The company will look into the technical problems to discover these problems and do their best to fix them.

Who is John Russell, you might ask? Well, he was a big name in Harley-Davidson from 1998 to 2007, the former vice president and managing director. Before his time with Harley-Davidson, he was a key executive at Land Rover. When he was in either of these two mega brands, there was evident growth. 

So, Russell may be the best thing that could happen to Norton Motorcycles in a while! His role will be met with many challenges, but we don’t doubt that he has prepared well with his experience under the belt. 

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Source: Web Bike World

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David Gabric
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