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MIC States That Sales Are Strong Despite The COVID-19 Crisis!

On 28th May, the Motorcycle Industry Council held a webinar that showed that motorcycle sales still stay high, even though COVID-19 has caused a lot of difficulties. That is surprising, at least, as many economic sectors worldwide have taken massive hits.

No concrete numbers have been shown on the webinar, though. Erik Pritchard, the Motorcycle Industry Council’s CEO, insists that their reports indicate that the sales are up this year, even after the COVID-19 crisis hit in March.

He states that there was a slowdown in sales, which is not surprising. Even with that, sales this year were actually higher than in the same period in 2019. That stands true for March and April, and he believes that the same will apply for May.

We find these facts very surprising as many motorcycle shops have closed during the pandemic. Nevertheless, Pritchard insists that the numbers are on track, with some minor inconsistencies.

We are eagerly waiting to see sales reports for May, to see if these numbers and statements from MIC are true.

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Source: Web Bike World


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