Aprilia RS 660 sports motorcycle is on quite a hype! It is a very impressive bike that is certain to open up a new market for the manufacturer. As of now, the RS 660 isn’t still ready, but Aprilia is still working on it, thankfully. The titular motorcycle has been seen on the testing. 

There is a leaked image of the RS 660 out on the road with another motorcycle. From the picture alone, it is hard to find some new information other than the fact that the bike will be large enough to carry a passenger. (you can see the red seat and footpegs)

The aesthetics of the bike haven’t changed; it seems. What has changed is the release, which most possibly won’t be during this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Maybe we can see a nice showcase of the bike closer to the end of the year?

Source: Web Bike World


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