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Ruroc Atlas 2.0 Motorcycle Helmet Review – A Worthwhile Improvement Over the Original!

Ruroc has shaken the motorcycle helmet market with its debut motorcycle helmet – the Atlas. It was a wildly hyped helmet, with lots of expectations behind it. When it was released, it was met with a healthy amount of criticism. Things like airflow and comfort were criticized most often – and Ruroc listened to all of the criticism. Now, they have released the Ruroc Atlas 2.0 motorcycle helmet – which should be a redemption over the original Atlas helmet.

So, did Ruroc improve the Atlas helmet, or is it just another marketing ploy? Read our Ruroc Atlas 2.0 review to find out! There are plenty of surprises here!

Ruroc Atlas 2.0 Motorcycle Helmet Review – Features

Ruroc 1.0 2.0 ronin gold motorcycle helmet

So, our goal here is to give you an objective, non-biased outlook on this motorcycle helmet. After all, the Ruroc Atlas 2.0 motorcycle helmet is a direct answer to the complaints of the original one. So, it is expected that most of the caveats of the first one would be fixed in this iteration.

Here are the main features of the Ruroc Atlas 2.0 motorcycle helmet:

  • Full-face helmet
  • Carbon fiber shell
  • Weighs 3,2 lbs (1,45 kg)
  • Pinlock-ready clear and tinted face shields included
  • Polystyrene foam comfort liner
  • Emergency pull tabs
  • Fidlock chin strap
  • Six air intakes and six exhausts
  • Ready for Shockwave Bluetooth system installation
  • ECE, DOT and VESC-8 safety certifications

Without further ado, let’s dive in and break down all the important features of the Ruroc Atlas 2.0 motorcycle helmet!

Construction & Design


The Atlas 2.0 features no changes to the overall construction of the helmet shell. So, this is still a full-face helmet with a shell made of carbon fiber. This material makes the Atlas 2.0 helmet extremely durable, yet light to wear. Actually, the weight of the Ruroc Atlas 2.0 is only 1,450g!

When it comes to the actual design and aesthetics of the Atlas 2.0 helmet, Ruroc really is blowing other manufacturers out of the water! The graphics on the different variants of the helmet are absolutely beautiful, and further increase the value of the helmet itself.

One thing to note is that your fingerprints will stick if you opt for a matte-black variant of the Ruroc Atlas 2.0 motorcycle helmet.

For all the moto vloggers out there, it will be important to know if the shape of the helmet is actually friendly for a GoPro or a similar action camera installation. Well, we have mixed feelings about this. The shape of the helmet is concave, so it will be difficult to put on an action camera in a classic manner.

But, there is a workaround to this, with a little sacrifice, if you are ready for it. You can use a moldable glue, like Sugru, to attach the action camera on the chin vent. Now, if you do that, you will be able to take amazing videos from this perspective but block the chin vent.


Ruroc atlas platinum ronin review 2.0

First of all, Ruroc has listened to the complaints on the visor of the original Atlas helmet. To replace the original visor, you had to use a special tool to unscrew it, which was an unnecessary complication. With Atlas 2.0, Ruroc has introduced twist knobs that are comfortable to take off with your fingers, so you won’t need the special tool to unscrew the visor.

Also, Ruroc has improved the fit of the visor itself. So, Atlas 1.0 had a problem with the top part of the visor sealing. It actually wasn’t sealed, so there was a small gap there before. This was a problem because the wind could have gotten inside easily, as well as water. Because of that, the visor fogged up quite a bit.

With the Atlas 2.0, the visor sealing is as it should be – actually sealed. That will cause less fogging and less airflow.

When it comes to the visibility that the helmet offers for an individual rider, we are really pleasantly surprised! The face shields are massive and you will get very nice peripheral vision with the Atlas 2.0 helmet, which is a great benefit. Just make sure to utilize the pin lock mechanisms on the face shields for them not to fog up! Now, let’s talk about the visor shields!

The Visor Shields

With the visor itself, you will get two visor shields with this helmet: the clear shield and the tinted shield, which are both Pinlock manufactured. Both shields are anti-fog and have double pane windows, something Pinlock visor shields are famous for. Also, both shields are anti-scratch too, so their durability is on reasonable levels. Even though the visor shields are certified with Anti-Fog label, they will fog up if you don’t utilize the pin lock mechanism.

We also want to mention one caveat with the face shields. So, the locking mechanism between the visor and the point of contact with the visor is not metal. The visor itself has plastic frames that are connected with the metal surface, but this isn’t an ideal solution, as it can cause breakages and cracks in the long term.

Well, kudos to Ruroc for including two shields in one package! Not a lot of motorcycle helmet manufacturers do this for their customers after all!


ruroc atlas platinum ronin 2.0 1.0

One of the main things about motorcycle helmets is how comfortable they are. After all, you are buying a certain motorcycle helmet to wear for a longer period of time. So, how does Ruroc Atlas 2.0 motorcycle helmet hold up on the comfort front?

Let’s talk about the fit of the helmet for the beginning. While similar in size and construction to the Atlas 1.0, we can confidently say that the 2.0 helmet is much more comfortable to wear during the longer time periods. Not to mention how easy it is to put it on!

One of the complaints on the comfort section of the Atlas 1.0 helmet was the nose section. Users reported that this section was too close to the face, which turned into two things:

  1. During an eventual crash, it could seriously damage your nose.
  2. It made the helmet harder to put on and off your head.

Ruroc has addressed this issue, so now the helmet is a perfect fit for more head shapes. Now, let’s look in the inside of the helmet to see how comfortable it actually is!

The Comfort Liner

When it comes to the quality of the material of the comfort liner, we have mixed feelings here. That’s because the comfort liner is covered with polystyrene foam, which is a kind of regular, cheap material. Well, if you have lots of hair, this material won’t cause you too many problems. If you are a bald motorcycle rider, you will feel all the gaps with no padding, which might be irritating after some time. So, we think that Ruroc should do something with the comfort liner to make it suitable for all types of riders. After all, this is not an entry-level helmet!

The Pull Tabs

One extra thing that Ruroc added to the Atlas 2.0 helmet are the emergency pull tabs, which is a nice touch. The pull tabs are envisioned for the situations when the emergency personnel have to take off the helmet from your face as soon as possible. That will mostly occur during a crash. Also, because of the pull tabs, the helmet is generally easier to take on and off.

One downside to the pull tabs is the fact that they are very wide. That opens up the opportunity for them to stick out even with the minor disturbance, which can be a distraction during the ride. If that happens, you will need to feed them back into the helmet yourself, and that is difficult during the actual ride.

The mentioned downside can be especially frustrating if you want to moto vlog and put the microphone through the pull tabs. So, this is not a huge problem, and we believe that Ruroc will fix this soon by just tightening up the pull tabs a bit.

Fidlock Chin Strap

Ruroc has left the buckling system untouched from the Atlas 1.0, which is a smart decision. The Fidlock chin strap uses magnetic technology to improve the process of tightening the buckle up your neck. Also, thanks to the red actionable button, it won’t come loose so easily. You need to pull the red button to loosen the buckle. So, don’t worry about the wind breaking the strap from your chin! Also, that means that this mechanism is friendly to take on and off with gloves on your hands, which is awesome!


ruroc 2.0 beast motorcyle helmet for motorbike review

One of the most frequent complaints of the original Atlas helmet was how noisy it was during windy conditions. Ruroc actually made a few tweaks to address this issue. For starters, they added a wind stop to the padding located at the main opening of the helmet. They also closed the vents that are close to the ear section. Also, they improved the rubber seal around the visor, which was a big problem with the first variation.

Now, to some specifics when it comes to the ventilation system. It has 6 air intakes and 6 exhausts. That’s quite a lot, isn’t it? Also, you can control how much air comes into the helmet via the chin vent that you can open and close at any time. So, Ruroc Atlas 2.0 motorcycle helmet provides a lot of airflow, that’s for sure. Does this benefit everyone, though?

Well, it is a good thing for some riders, but bad for other riders. For example, for someone living in Australia, where it can get quite hot, lots of airflow is perfect to keep your head cool during these harsh conditions. But, if you are living in Minnesota for example, where it can get quite cold, this helmet will cool your head a bit too much.

So, this helmet is best for the summer, when it can provide the perfect amount of airflow to keep you focused on the road. For winter, it may get too chilly inside this helmet. But, if you don’t want to buy a separate helmet for winter, you can always wear a ski mask to heat you up.

Regardless of all the mentioned things, we appreciate that Ruroc has listened to user complaints and addressed the noise issues. The ventilation is very similar to the Atlas 1.0 solutions though.

Bluetooth Support

If you are a solo rider, you will gladly appreciate this feature! The Bluetooth system in question is called Shockwave and is a dedicated buy that costs 150$ (136€/117£). Like the helmet itself, you can buy it in three monthly installments!

You can install this piece of hardware on the bottom part of the helmet. Ruroc also includes a small screwdriver for an easier installation of the system.

So, what benefits does the Shockwave system bring to the table? Is it worth the hefty price tag? After all, for this price, you can buy a brand-new, entry-level helmet! First of all, the Shockwave has 40mm audio drivers, that produce amazing bass, so if you are mainly interested in listening to music, this Bluetooth system has got you covered!

Of course, you can answer all incoming calls with the touch of the button on the Shockwave hardware, conveniently placed so that you can just click it on the bottom part of your helmet. Not to mention the powerful built-in microphone that is placed discreetly.

You can also charge the Shockwave system on the go if you have an external battery pack at hand.

Considering all the benefits that Shockwave brings to the table, we would recommend you to get this if you are really a type of rider that will listen to music on the road, talk to your friends or family, and has an extra amount of cash on hand. There are much cheaper Bluetooth headphones that have powerful audio drivers and offer the same sound quality as the Shockwave.

Safety Ratings

ruroc atlas 2.0 shuriken review helmet

So, what safety rating does the Ruroc Atlas 2.0 have?

Let’s start with the safety rating it has for the visor shield. So, the Ruroc Atlas 2.0 is a motorcycle helmet that features the VESC-8 (Vehicle Equipment Safety Commission Standard 8) safety rating. That means that Ruroc Atlas 2.0 has passed a test that involves optical tests and a 1.56-ounce steel projectile with a conical point striking the shield at 20mph, which mustn’t penetrate. Cracking or piercing is allowed, as long as the projectile doesn’t actually pass through or remain lodged. The impact cannot knock small bits of the shield into the helmet either.

The other safety ratings that the Ruroc Atlas 2.0 motorcycle helmet has are ECE 22.05 and DOT certifications. DOT is the safety standard for the USA, and the ECE is the standard for Europe. That means that this motorcycle helmet is a great fit for the global market.

Some people have stated their concern for the lack of the Snell safety rating for the Atlas 2.0 helmet. Well, there is not that much of a difference when it comes to ECE 22.05 and Snell ratings. They have a few different parameters, but nothing groundbreaking.

It is great that the Atlas 2.0 helmet has an ECE 22.05 rating as it is a full-face helmet. The chin guard is what makes this helmet pass this certification, as it is essential in protecting your face.

Anyway, the Atlas 2.0 helmet passed just the bare minimum safety tests that it has to for the global market production.

Available Models

ruroc atlas el diablo 2.0 helmet review honest

There are numerous different variants of the Atlas 2.0 helmet. Albeit they feature the same construction, what is different is the design patters of each individual model. When you consider that one of the main selling factors (for better or worse) is the graphic design, Ruroc has plenty of different artworks to satiate your hunger.

You can choose from 15 different Ruroc Atlas 2.0 models: Toxin, Beast, El Diablo, Raw Carbon, Core, Platinum Ronin, Shuriken, Mercury, Velos, Camo, Crimson, Ghost, Ranger, Hellfire, and Nerve Decay.

Atlas 2.0 helmets come in following sizes:

  • XS (53 – 54 cm)
  • S (55 – 56 cm)
  • M (57 – 58 cm)
  • L (59 – 60 cm)
  • XL (61 – 62 cm)
  • XXL (63 – 64 cm)


For now, the price of the Ruroc Atlas 2.0 helmet starts from 420$ to 575$ (380€/328£ to 521€/448£). The price will depend on the individual model you choose though. Ruroc gives you the opportunity to pay for the helmet in three monthly installments, which is a nice touch!

Also, one great thing that Ruroc actually did with the Atlas 2.0 helmet is the discount they offer for the Atlas 1.0 users. There were a lot of complaints on the first variant of the helmet that Ruroc addressed with the 2.0 helmet.

Actually, they offer the 10-35% discount codes for all the people that purchased the original Atlas 1.0 helmet. So, the folks who get a 10% discount are those who purchased the Atlas 1.0 at a discount of 20-35% (that was during Black Friday and Boxing Day sales). People who bought the Atlas 1.0 helmet at full price will get a similar discount code to the discount of the Black Friday and Boxing Day sales (that is a 20-35% discount!).

It is really nice to see that Ruroc is listening to its fanbase and that they are actually offering solid discounts for all the users who want to upgrade if they were in any way unsatisfied.

Closing Words

Ruroc Atlas 2.0 Helmet

So, did Ruroc actually succeed in fixing the problems of the Atlas 1.0 helmet? Actually, they did quite a good job with this revision, albeit it still has some problems that can be fixed in future iterations.

Ruroc will need to decide if this is an all-rounded helmet when it comes to weather seasons. Right now, it still produces a lot of airflow, which is awesome for the summer season, but not really the same during the winter. We hope Ruroc addresses this issue.

Nevertheless, we really love what Ruroc has done with the Atlas 2.0 helmet. It retains the badass design that was the trademark of the original variant, has better visibility than the original one, and is much more comfortable than the first one! Not to mention that it is also safe enough even during the crash.

So, if you would ask us should you buy this helmet, we would say – go for it! The improvements over the original one are visible, and while the Atlas 2.0 helmet is not perfect by any means, it sure is worth your money!

Enjoyed this post? Check out our review for the Atlas 1.0 helmet and other motorcycle helmets too!

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Ruroc has shaken the motorcycle helmet market with its debut motorcycle helmet - the Atlas. It was a wildly hyped helmet, with lots of expectations behind it. When it was released, it was met with a healthy amount of criticism. Things like airflow and...Ruroc Atlas 2.0 Motorcycle Helmet Review - A Worthwhile Improvement Over the Original!