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Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Jacket Review

Getting a motorcycle jacket is not that easy. You have to look for the style, features, airflow, price, and much more when looking for a motorcycle jacket that is compatible with you. We have selected one among different jackets, but if you ask why, you have to read the Joe rocket phoenix 5.0 jacket review.

In this review, we will tell you some exciting features of this jacket, how perfect it can fit you, what sizes are available, and the price. Therefore be with us to check if this jacket is right according to your choice or not.

Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Jacket Review – Features

Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Jacket Review

The first thing that needs to be discussed in Joe rocket phoenix 5.0 jacket review is the features. So, below mentioned is a list of these features that you are going to get in this jacket.

  • C.E approved armors at elbows and shoulders.
  • High density sculpted padding at lower back, kidneys, and ribs for extra protection.
  • The spine pad is removable and has a pocket for optional C.E approved spine armor.
  • Zipper for pant attachment along with snap loops that can also be used for pant attachment.
  • Multiple pockets to keep your things safe.
  • FreeAir mesh/poly shell with RockTex at ribs, shoulders, and elbows for increased protection.
  • The waterproof liner is secured with a zipper.


Joe rocket phoenix 5.0 is a mesh jacket that has become the popular choice of people.

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It gives a nice and elegant look and does not provide an aggressive look. So you wear it in a routine as well other than your bike ride. There are different colors available in this jacket. Some are available in one color only, while others are in two color combinations.

These colors include:

  • Black/Black
  • Blue/ Black
  • Grey/Black
  • Hi-vis Neon/ Black
  • Red/Black
  • Silver / Silver
  • White/ Black
  • Wine/ Black

Build Material

As mentioned above, it’s a mesh jacket. The mesh is all around the arms that make you very comfortable when you wear it. Its construction is of high quality, along with the inner liner.

Joe rocket phoenix 5.0 comes with zippers with which you can attach your jacket to pants. Moreover, it has a waterproof liner that is secured with a zipper. There are multiple pockets, but the front pockets seem a little more on the side, which is its disadvantage.

Safety and Protection

There are C.E approved armors present at the elbows and shoulders. The jacket has high density sculpted padding at ribs, lower back, and ribs for increased protection. A spine pad is also present with an additional pocket which you can use for additional C.E. approved armors for the spine.

It also has FreeAir mesh with RockTex at elbows, shoulders, and elbows for increased protection. The protection works excellent against abrasion and provides complete protection in road crashes or accidents.


Joe rocket phoenix 5.0 is a mesh jacket that is perfect for airflow. Mesh jackets are specially designed for hot weather so that they can provide you with enough airflow to ride in summer.

When you go for a bike ride wearing this jacket on a hot summer day, you are going to get a blast of air right through your jacket. The airflow is perfect and will not disappoint you while riding a bike on a hot summer day.


Mesh jackets are usually used for hot weather conditions because the mesh and the airflow give you a perfect summer cooling effect. However, this is not an all-season jacket, and you cannot wear it in winter as it cannot keep you warm.

Although it has a removable inner liner that may provide you with a warmth that is not enough for cold weather, on a hot day when the temperature is so high, you can quickly wear this jacket with a t-shirt underneath, and you are good to go for your bike ride.

Size & Fit

The jacket is available in a variety of different sizes, so you will probably find your size quite easily. Different sizes that are available for Joe rocket phoenix are

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Medium tall
  • Large
  • Large tall
  • X-Large
  • X-Large tall
  • XX-Large
  • XX-Large tall
  • 3X-Large
  • 3X-Large tall
  • 4X-Large
  • 5X-Large
  • XXL tall

This range of sizes makes it easy for even tall people to choose their size. They can go for the tall sizes that will fit on them nicely. The liner snaps help to adjust the jacket easily at the neck and wrists. In the matter of sizing, Joe rocket phoenix 5.0 is just perfect.


USD: $123 | EUR: €101 | GBP: £87.3


Let’s conclude our Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 review with all the important things you need to know before getting this jacket. Joe Rocket is one of the popular choices among mesh jackets, and getting this jacket will not result in any disappointment. It has a variety of features that you are going to love. The jacket has breathable mesh, excellent protection, and much more.

It looks nice when you wear it and gives a nice and elegant look. The jacket does not have an aggressive look and is not bulkier as well.

The jacket has been built with breathable mesh; it makes the jacket perfect to wear on a hot summer day. It has high-quality construction and a waterproof liner that you can attach or remove.

This jacket is just excellent in safety and protection as it has C.E approved armors at the shoulders, back, and elbow. Moreover, there is a spine armor pad with a pocket for extra protection. It works excellently against abrasions.

The jacket’s airflow is also just exceptional because of the breathable mesh, and you are going to get a blast of air when riding on a hot day. Mesh jackets are made especially for hot weather, so this works perfectly.

You cannot wear this jacket in freezing weather because it has a removable liner that will not provide you with enough warmth. However, it is perfect for summers, especially when you are wearing just a t-shirt underneath.

The jacket has a wide range in sizes, so even tall people can find their size quickly. Its adjustment is reasonable, and it will fit you nicely. So this jacket is just an excellent purchase as there are no significant concerns regarding the jacket, and the quality is excellent.


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