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HHR Textile Motorcycle Jacket Review

There are various textile motorcycle jackets available in the market; therefore, choosing one among them may be difficult for you. HHR textile motorcycle jacket is a decent choice for those who are thinking of getting a brand-new textile motorcycle jacket. But is it the best? For this, you have to read our HHR textile motorcycle jacket review.

Throughout this review, you will get to know the exciting features, aesthetics, material, available sizes, and the price of this cool jacket for bikers so that you may find out if this jacket fits your requirements or not.

HHR Textile Motorcycle Jacket Review – Features

HHR Textile Motorcycle Jacket Review - Features

The first thing that we need to explain in our HHR textile motorcycle jacket review are its features. Down below is a list of the main features of this textile motorcycle jacket.

  • 600D Cordura construction that makes the jacket more durable.
  • Breathable material for comfortable bike riding on long routes.
  • Removable armors at shoulders, elbows, and back.
  • Pockets on the inner and outer sides where you can keep your valuable things.
  • Reflective logos that increase visibility in the dark.
  • Piping for additional safety.

Without further ado, let’s commence our HHR textile motorcycle jacket review!


HHR textile motorcycle jacket is quite lovely to look at.

HHR textile jacket is one of the popular choices when it comes to best textile motorcycle jackets.

Want to find out about other best textile motorcycle jackets? Check out our in-depth look at the top 5 textile motorcycle jackets for 2021!

You can wear this jacket even when not riding on a motorcycle because it features a casual, everyday wear styling. There are reflective logos on the jacket that improve visibility, especially in the dark.

There are some decent and elegant colors available in this jacket. Also, they look perfect according to different personality types. The available colors include red, black, blue, and grey.

Build Material

HHR textile motorcycle jacket features a robust, quality build.

HHR jacket is a rugged and robust textile jacket, but it seems comfortable and soft when you touch it. This textile jacket has been made to satisfy motorcycle riders specifically and serves as an alternative option to leather jackets.

There is a removable inner liner that keeps you warm during winter. The liner also keeps you safe. You can remove it in the summer.

The jacket has a robust 600D Cordura construction, which increases its durability further.

Safety and Protection

HHR textile motorcycle jacket features removable armors on elbows, shoulders, and the back.

HHR textile motorcycle jacket has armors that are removable as well. The armors are available on elbows, back, and shoulders.

However, the armor padding is just like simple foam that does not provide enough protection. It would be best if you upgraded the armors for complete safety and security.

The jacket is not entirely waterproof; therefore, it is not suitable to wear in rainy weather. It is not water-resistant, especially around the zipper. You will feel leakage if you ever happen to wear this jacket in rainy weather.


HHR textile motorcycle jacket has a fairly nice airflow.

HHK textile motorcycle jacket has a sound ventilation system on the front and back of the jacket. However, the ventilation system works great if you are riding a sports bike because the jacket’s vents work best only when you are in a tucked position.

Therefore the vents can have a little disadvantage if you are not riding a sports bike. They may not work correctly in this situation.


The jacket is suitable to wear in all seasons because of the removable inner liner. You can attach this liner in winters, and it will keep you warm. However, it is not suitable to wear in freezing weather.

Moreover, this inner liner can be removed in summer to provide a cooling effect and help in ventilation. This way, you don’t have to buy jackets for each season separately.

Size & Fit

HHR textile motorcycle jacket fits pretty well on most riders.

This jacket is available in many sizes so you can easily choose one for yourself. The sizes available in this jacket are

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large
  • XX-Large
  • 3X-Large
  • 4X-Large
  • 5X-Large

It has a neoprene-lined Velcro collar that will fit properly around your neck. It seems healthy and rugged, but it will feel soft when touching it. There are multiple adjusters for arms, so the jacket fits you perfectly.


USD: $59.99 | EUR: €48.99 | GBP: £42.4

Summing Up

We’ve highlighted some of the fantastic features in our HHR textile motorcycle jacket review. The jacket has unique features such as the removable liner, reflective logos, 600D Cordura construction, and multiple pockets.

It’s a well-known jacket when it comes to textile motorcycle jackets and serves its purpose well. The reflective logos on the jackets increase visibility at night, and you can also wear them during your daily routine.

This jacket has 600D Cordura construction that makes it durable, rigid, and healthy. It has a removable inner liner. While the jacket may give a stiff and robust look, it feels soft when you touch it.

There are armors present at the shoulders, back, and elbow, but they are not enough for proper safety and protection. The armors are just like simple foam padding, and you need to upgrade the armors for safety.

The airflow or ventilation system of the jacket works well. The vents are present at the front and back, but they are perfect if you are riding a sports bike; otherwise, they may not work correctly.

The removable liners in the jacket make it suitable to wear in both summer and winter. You can attach the liners in winter to stay warm, and in summers, you can remove them for ventilation and cooling effect.

There are various sizes available in this jacket, and it also comes with multiple adjustments for arms, so the jacket fits you correctly. Moreover, the choices of multiple sizes help you to find the right size for you quickly.

However, the jacket is not entirely waterproof, and its ventilation system may not work well if you are not riding a sports bike. Moreover, the padding is also just like simple foam, so you have to upgrade the armors for protection.

If you want a simple and elegant-looking jacket, this is a perfect option for you. However, if you are a real bike riding enthusiast and like adventures, this jacket is not for you because safety and protection are not ensured.


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