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Honda Fuels The Rumors For Transalp Revival As They Reclaim The Trademark!

Rumors about a mid-displacement ADV counterpart to the legendary Honda’s Africa Twin have circulated for a few years. After all, Honda desperately needs to fill up that gap to keep up with the fierce competition. Well, a few trademarks and patents may suggest that Honda is listening to the cries of their fanbase! Read on further to see some exciting stuff that the rumor mill has found out!

According to some publications, the mid-displacement ADV would be filed under the ‘Transalp’ trademark. We didn’t see a new revision since 2012, so it would probably make sense for Honda to go with that model name. What’s even more interesting is that a select few trademarks say that the bike will launch sometime in 2021. A bit far-fetched? Who knows?

Even though the Transalp didn’t sell in the US since the 80s, Honda held on to this patent until 2016. The Transalp name was available, and Honda managed to secure it again five years later, under the “motorcycles and motorcycle structural parts” section.

Well, a trademark doesn’t automatically mean that there will be a Transalp revival – but with all the rumors circulation, it seems very likely. We certainly hope that rumors end up being accurate, as the mid-displacement ADV market is thriving. It would make absolute sense for Honda to jump on the train and thrive alongside others. I’m sure that motorcycle riders and ADV enthusiasts would thrive!

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Source: Ride Apart

David Gabric
David Gabric
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