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Carbon Motorcycle helmets, all you need to know

What comes to mind of a modern bike rider when he thinks about super lightweight and super strong shell materials for your motorcycle helmet? It would be either carbon fiber or fiberglass material and here is why!

Carbon fiber motorcycle helmets are an excellent choice for all types of rides especially a long rides, we will explain why later in this article.

There is no doubt you have much more chances to get away with just a few bruises in a minor accident if you wearing a helmet made out of Carbon, fiberglass, or Kevlar, but did you know that they also dramatically increases your chance of surviving a serious accident, where every little detail of your headgear matters.

In this article we will focus primarily on Carbon helmets only as, The greatest advantage of any composite helmet is the weight and impact resistance, here is why the carbon material is the leader in this category. 

The heavy helmet can cause headaches or neck strain in riders. In contrast, lighter-weight carbon fibre helmets let the riders enjoy their ride for a long time without getting dis-comfortable or feeling pain in their neck, even for a single second. 

you may feel soreness even after 30 minutes of riding through long traffic with a heavy helmet due to an excessive side-to-side head movement.  Where is with a lightweight helmet the rider can perform a perimeter check around them much more efficiently and effortlessly,

a moment of an impact lightweight helmet dramatically reduces the centrifugal forces at the strike time hence your survival rate will be way higher in a time of a serious accident

Why Buy Carbon Fibre Motorcycle Helmets?

2.      Premium Quality Construction

Millions of dollars are spent every year on the search and development of modern Motorcycle helmets, the outcome is that headgear becomes safer and safer, shock resistant, And carbon helmets are becoming a standard in the premium helmet range, yes they are pricey, but with a high price tag also comes your peace of mind.

  • Why Carbon helmets are stronger

In carbon fiber materials, the carbon atoms come together and form crystals of microscopic size. These crystals can or cannot be parallel to the axis of the fibre. Thousands of this carbon fibre come close to each other and twist around to construct the rayon. The carbon atoms align uniquely to form the bond to give a naturally occurring strength to the bonds developed, Therefore, the helmets provide a superior level of shock absorption without breakage.

The following are the countless number of benefits that carbon fibre technology offers to all carbon motorcycle helmet users:


4.      Carbon Fibre Helmets options

Pretty much all helmet types helmets are available in carbon, such as full-face, half-face, jet helmets, or cross helmets, etc.


Core Benefits Of Carbon Fibre Motorcycle Helmets

1.      Durability

The high-quality materials and premium-quality construction let these helmets last long. In addition, the helmets also offer excellent protection against cracks and scratches compared to the fibreglass helmets.

2.      Strength

The helmets, which are constructed from carbon fibre materials, are more muscular. For instance, HJC Helmets RPHA 11 Pro Carbon Helmet offers you a strong shell, thus keeps you protected during accidents.

The helmets offer an unparalleled level of shock deflection. So, this way, the shock is distributed across the surface instead of staying at a centralized impact area. And it is one of the best features which make it an ideal choice.

3.      Weather Management

These helmets are perfectly suitable for all types of weather conditions. And in many cases, they also come with breathable vents, making them a perfect choice for all the warm weather riders.

Along with warm weather, they are also an excellent option for cold weather. For example, the central issue for these weather conditions is fog. There are various helmet brands available in the market. 509 Delta R3 Carbon Fibre Ignite Helmet are constructed from anti-fog materials that let them overcome visibility even in extreme weather conditions.

4.      Cool Appearance

The carbon fibre helmets are available in various shapes and designs. In addition to incredible inventions, the leather interior gives them a sleek appearance and adds more to their beauty.

Thus the carbon fibre helmet like ScorpionEXO EXO-ST1400 Carbon Helmet gets the attention of several riders quickly. These helmets are very light in weight compared to the normal ones, due to which these helmets become easy and comfortable to wear.

5.      Enhanced Noise Reduction

The carbon fibre helmets like ILM Carbon Fibre Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet come with appreciable features and noise protection. Well, it is a huge advantage that can change your riding experience entirely. The rider can focus more on the traffic sounds, and thus a chance for the accident is minimized this way.

How Long Does a Carbon Fibre Helmet Last?

The carbon fibre and kevlar make these helmets extremely durable, and the helmets offer premium safety standards to all users. Knowing when to replace your helmet is a bit confusing for many people.

Generally, one can easily use the helmet for three to five years. In addition, you can also use the helmet for more time as well if you are taking proper care of helmets.

Is Carbon Fibre Stronger Than Polycarbonate?

The polycarbonate outer shell degrades with time and thus becomes brittle due to the breakage of the molecular structure of this material.

It decreases the helmet’s efficiency over time. Users feel the need to replace the helmet, thus making the polycarbonate a soft material compared to the carbon fibre.


Carbon fibre is used to construct these helmets, which makes these products extremely comfortable to use. These helmets are very light in weight and super strong. Therefore, ensure you complete protection on the road from all sorts of mishaps.

The carbon fibre helmets are available in various sizes and designs. Thus they can fulfill the needs of all the riders. The helmets have been designed so perfectly that they can absorb the shock and let the rider feel protected.

So, if you buy the best motorcycle helmet, try to choose the one made from carbon fibre material!

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