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Zero has announced that its Zero SR model is now available in the UK

There will be a new entry-level ride available in the UK from April 2022, according to Zero.

According to Zero‘s press release, “tuned to generate 166Nm of torque, peak power of 74 horsepower, and a top speed of 104mph,” the Zero SR design is on the same platform as the SR/F model.

The bike’s performance can boost to be on par with the SR/after F’s purchase if the owner wants. A top speed of 124mph is 190Nm, 90hp, and 90hp.

Z-Force batteries

Zero SR will feature new Z-Force batteries, which will have the latest generation of Zero’s Z-Force battery technology.

The new Z-Force batteries have a slimmer and lighter design and increased range and energy density.

By purchasing a Cipher Store upgrade kit, SR owners can extend the bike’s energy storage capacity from 14.4kWh to 17.3kWh.

Peroformance of Zero SR

A new Cypher Store feature from Zero allows users to enable the “Speed & Performance Boost”. It allows the SR to be upgraded to Advanced Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control. Which adds the cornering capability to the SR’s straight-line ABS and traction management, as well as drag torque control.

As a result of this new “Power Tank” add-on, Zero will be able to extend the range of its motorcycles to 227 miles in the city in early 2022, which will be the highest battery capacity Zero has ever supplied on one of its motorcycles.

Cypher Store will also contain possible improvements to your Zero. It includes “faster charging, extended range, speed and performance boost,” “park mode,” and “warm grips. It will feature on-dash satellite navigation,” according to Zero.

Zero SR
Zero SR 2022

Type 2 connectors are used at public charging stations to recharge the Zero SR. The “wall outlet adaptor” is likely to be a preferred option in the UK to power the SR at home.

CTO Abe Askenazi of Zero Motorcycles explains that “the SR is the motorbike that launched the electric naked street category. It is significant that it be the first model to introduce all of these new features” in a statement.

Prices for the Zero SR start at £17,810 for the “graphite” color option. For more updates keep visiting BikersInsider.

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