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It’s A Strange Cruiser With A 360 Rear Tire, The Wolverine XS 800

A relatively young motorbike manufacturer from China is Xiang Shuai. The company has made a significant attempt—albeit a cringeworthy one—to embrace the appearance and personality of American cruisers. This effort is obviously influenced by the chopper and cruiser culture of the United States. This is especially seen in its “Brotherhood” line of cruisers, which have bizarre style and disappointing performance.

The Xiang Shuai Traveler XS 800, a cruiser with at least some aspect of practicality, was in news. With the new Wolverine XS 800, the Brotherhood department at Xiang Shuai has, however, completely disregarded any notion of usefulness. One glance is all it takes to recognize that the only consideration in the design of this cruiser was appearance.

The ridiculously large rear tire is without a doubt the Wolverine XS 800’s most distinguishing characteristic. With a width of 360 millimeters, it is wider than any existing production motorcycle tire, and when the time comes to replace it, you probably won’t have much of a choice in terms of manufacturers. Major tire manufacturers probably won’t even try to develop tires this wide specifically for this cruiser. Only Avon and Vee tires are currently available in this size. For reference, the Wolverine has Kingtyre tires, a somewhat unknown Chinese manufacturer.

Build and Specification Wolverine XS 800

No matter what type of tire you put on the Wolverine, it will likely make for a slow ride and be difficult to control on narrow, winding roads. Not to mention that it has a single swingarm that has probably been strengthened to support the additional weight. The outcome? is a huge cruiser weighing 288 kg.

The Wolverine XS 800 weighs 288 kg, which may not seem like much for a large cruiser, but it’s crucial to remember that it doesn’t have a very strong or torquey motor. Expect it to lack thrilling acceleration and peak speed because it just has an 800cc V-twin engine with 52 horsepower and 42 lb-ft of torque. For more news and updates keep visiting BikersInsider.

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