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Bell Broozer Motorcycle Helmet – A Versatile Dual-Homologated Helmet!

Each year Bell loves to add one new helmet to their lineup. Bell is a highly versatile brand, covering everything from street to race to motocross helmets. Sometimes, it may take a while to see something brand new from them. Well, Bell has finally launched a new helmet – the Bell Broozer motorcycle helmet!

This helmet got its release in January 2020, and this is a very exciting helmet, to say at least! We can see that its name and styling target the street biker segment of the market. Looking at the particular design choices of the helmet, there is outstanding versatility for every urban rider. This helmet has huge potential to become more popular and widespread in the motorcycle market. Probably Bell didn’t intend this, but this is a good thing!

Keep on reading to find out more about the amazing and versatile Bell Broozer motorcycle helmet!

Bell Broozer Motorcycle Helmet – Overview

First of all, you can find the Bell Broozer helmet on sale for a price of just £199,99 (€238 or $260). This is not such a bummer of a price considering that this helmet is actually a dual-homologated helmet! That means that it is DOT and ECE 22.05 certified both as a full-face helmet and an open-face helmet.

You can learn more about dual-homologated motorcycle helmets here!

You can find the Bell Broozer motorcycle helmet in five color schemes. The main thematic of the color palette is black. The available color schemes for the helmet are:

  • Arc Matte Black-Gray
  • Cranium Matte Black-White
  • Free Ride Matte Gray-Black
  • Gloss Black
  • Matte Black

Bell makes sure that the Broozer helmet is fit for riders of all head shapes. There are three shell sizes available, starting from XS and S, to M and L, and ending with XL and XXL. It is nice to see this versatility on the size front. You can be sure that you won’t have any problems when you order this helmet online, as it features a classic and universal intermediate oval shape. Bell is a quite reputable company, so that gives them some extra points!

Also, the shell of the helmet is quite durable. It is made of PC/ABS material, which makes it very light when you put it on your head.

Bell Broozer Helmet For Sale

The weight of the Bell Broozer helmet is just 1350 grams, which is pretty lightweight for a full-face configured helmet. When you remove the jaw guard, you save a couple of hundred grams more in weight. It is certainly a low profile helmet, but not the thinnest one on the market. Still, extra points to Bell for making a modular helmet that is so lightweight and comfortable to have on your head.

As a cherry on top of the package, Bell offers a 5-year guarantee for this helmet (as with all their other helmets). This is just a testament to the quality that this company offers!

In the next sections, we are going to break down the main features of the Bell Broozer motorcycle helmet!

The Configuration

As we already specified, this motorcycle helmet is dual-homologated. That means that it features two configurations; the helmet is both full-face and open-face.

So, how to switch between these two configurations? Well, there is a removable chin bar that features some clever design. On the underside of the helmet, you can see two gray hooks. You can simply pull off the chin bar from these gray hooks. Of course, we don’t recommend doing that while on the go!

Nevertheless, the removable chin bar turns a helmet that looks a bit limited on the first sight into something that is very versatile. For example, during a very hot day, you can make this helmet open-face. Should it start to rain, you can easily convert it back to the full-face configuration. As the chin guard is very light, you can carry it in your bag or luggage department.

Basically, with this helmet, you get two helmets! Changing between the two configurations is effortless and well-executed. Of course, this isn’t the first helmet to do this but is one of the rare ones that make the process much easier for the rider.

The Visor


You can easily drop down the visor which is built into the helmet itself. The main benefit of this built-in design is that the helmet doesn’t lift up that much like the standard full-face helmet, as there are no small spots that catch air.

Also, there are small tabs on each side of the brow that slide down the visor. We have to mention that the visor of the Bell Broozer helmet features anti-fog coating and is anti-scratch too!

An important thing to mention is that the Bell Broozer motorcycle helmet is eyewear compatible! As the visor is internally retractable, there is some space above the cheek pads that allow you to wear glasses underneath the visor. Of course, it is more likely that you will wear eyewear with the open-face configuration. Still, it is good to know that Bell has this smart implementation!

Anyway, the visor adds up to the overall aesthetics of the Broozer helmet, giving a nice, edgy look to the shell.

The Interior

Inside the helmet, you can find earpads fixed to the helmet thanks to the Velcro snaps and strips. Sadly, there are no cut-outs for speakers, if you perhaps want to use some kind of helmet communication system. The removable EPS liner and the ear pads are padded lightly and will pop out of the helmet with much ease.

Also, the Bell Broozer helmet features the signature ratchet-style chin strap that is highly adjustable. The system is very simple and offers a quick release of the strap.

The Ventilation

Bell Broozer Helmet

You can find practical and usable vents either at the top of the helmet or on the chin bar. Both of these vents are easily operational, even during the ride; with gloves on as well.

There are no exit vents, but the EPS liner inside the shell is furrowed. This provides additional airflow over the skull of the rider. That is a good compromise on the Bells’ behalf. The EPS liner is removable and washable; and quite comfortable as well. This makes it quite practical for long-term use.

The versatile nature of the Bell Broozer motorcycle helmet should give it much appeal to the riders all over the world. You can go from open-face to the full-face configuration in a single snap. Not to mention its low price tag for what it offers!

So, what do you think about this helmet? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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Each year Bell loves to add one new helmet to their lineup. Bell is a highly versatile brand, covering everything from street to race to motocross helmets. Sometimes, it may take a while to see something brand new from them. Well, Bell has finally...Bell Broozer Motorcycle Helmet - A Versatile Dual-Homologated Helmet!