It seems that Indian is following the tracks set by Harley-Davidson. At least when it comes to limited-edition motorcycles. They are launching the 2020 Roadmaster Elite, which is an update of the existing model.

So, the 2020 Indian Roadmaster Elite comes at a high price, but it is certainly worth it. This is a hand-built machine, and it takes Indian more than 30 hours to finish one bike. It utilizes the Thunder Stroke 116 V-twin engine.

So, what does the Vice President of the Indian Motorcycle say about this particular model? He says that the original Roadmaster delivers the best touring experience, but that the Elite variant ramps up the experience to the next level. Also, he claims that the Elite variant was designed for riders who are keen on intimate details.

Some of the great new features of this bike are:

  • PowerBand Audio Plus system
  • Custom paint job
  • Premium leather seat
  • Indian Motorcycle Ride Command system

We still don’t know the price of the machine, as Indian states that you should contact your local dealership for this detail. So, we can only presume that this machine will be extremely expensive!

Source: Web Bike World


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