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Yatri Motorcycles Is The First Nepalese Company To Announce An Electric Motorcycle!

Yatri Motorcycles, a Nepal-based company, unveiled the Project Zero electric motorcycle in December 2019. This is their first motorcycle model.

There are only a few specifications known so far. We will have to wait until the bike release for more information.

We know that the motorcycle will be purchase, and test ride-ready in March 2020. That is not such a long wait, after all. Now, on some specifications. Yatri states that its bike will have a range of 230 km (143 miles) on a single battery charge. The power output of the bike is 30kW (40hp). Probably the most intriguing fact is that the bike can be fully charged, even using a standard wall outlet, in just two hours.

Yatri unveiled this motorcycle in Kathmandu earlier in December. There are no specific numbers when it comes to weight. Some sources claim that Yatri uses carbon fiber body panels to reduce the weight of the bike. The Project Zero motorcycles are designed and built in Nepal. Yatri uses parts from all over the world. They hope to open a factory and use Nepalese-made components for future models.

The motorcycle also features a 7-inch tablet that provides a touchscreen interface. It is quite a big display, but when you consider users with larger hands, this is a suitable design choice.

Make sure to check out the promo video for the Project Zero electric motorcycle below!

We still don’t know if the bike will undergo some design changes before its March 2020 release. For now, Yatri plans to sell this bike in Nepal. They have expressed their interest to expand on the international market, though. As of now, there is no information about the price or the availability of the bike. Nevertheless, it is certainly interesting to observe the growth of the electric motorcycle industry in the world.

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Source: RideApart

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