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This Documentary Shows How A BMW S 1000 RR Is Created!

BMW released an extensive documentary that details the construction process of their S 1000 RR motorcycle.

You can see the video below.

The documentary is 49 minutes long and well worth your time. If you enjoy the kinds of documentaries that break down every part of the production process, this documentary is perfect for you. The documentary shows how the engine is The documentary shows the production from the creation of the engine to the finished S 1000 RR, rolling off the manufactury line. Of course, there is some riveting footage of track testing the S 1000 RR too!

It takes two hours for the bike to finish its production process. Human technicians and robots work together. to make this happen. Robots perform tasks that require additional precision and speed; while other tasks, like getting to hard-to-reach-areas, require an expert human hand.

There’s something calming about seeing the extremely accurate technique that goes into constructing this magnificent sports bike. All the people that work on this bike are trained professionals who do this process every day. Nevertheless, it is still amazing to see such n effective production process on video!

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Source: RideApart

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