Home Bikes Unlike any other BMW, the R18 Magnifica is handcrafted.

Unlike any other BMW, the R18 Magnifica is handcrafted.

BMW R18 Magnifica Featured

All these bespoke projects based on BMW’s R 18 are only two years old and have been approved by the business. With the R 18 Magnifica, the German powerhouse has added to this list by unveiling the most magnificent bespoke R 18. Customized with brass, aluminum, and wood parts you’ve ever seen.

BMW R18 Magnifica

Customized by Andrea Radaelli of Radikal Chopper

Andrea Radaelli of Radikal Chopper designed the Magnifica, unveiled at the Top Marques event in Monaco. Only the machined billet wheels are machined by Radeilli and the team.
The tail/seat part is made of mahogany wood, which provides a much-needed contrast to the metallic style.

BMW R18 Magnifica

Design and build

The new R 18 isn’t as comfortable as the original, but it’s still quite gorgeous. Once again, these forks are made to order, yet, they keep the same rake angle as the stock setup. Although the outward appearance of the fork seems to be old, the insides are said to be contemporary.

No alterations have been made to the engine or electrical systems, and everything is stock and serviceable. As a result of this modification, the motorbike now weighs 220 pounds less than its initial 760-pound weight.

BMW R18 Magnifica handlebar

In other words, what prompted the creation of this work? This design was influenced by classic BMW R-model bikes dating back to the early 20th century, according to Radeilli. As a nod to the original wooden steering wheels found on vintage BMW cars, the decision to use wood was also motivated by a desire to add something “alive” to the bike.

BMW R18 Magnifica speedometer

Radikal Chopper sketched down concepts for the construction once the motivation was evident. Radaelli’s creativity was let to run wild when the sketches were completed, and the results, as you can see, are nothing short of magnificent.


Sadly, that’s not the case. Because Radikal Chopper built the Magnifica only for Officine Riunite Milanesi’s Raffaello Polchi, you won’t be able to buy one. Even so, the Magnifica is a bespoke motorbike that lives up to its name and is a remarkable work of art.
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