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The F77 Electric Motorcycle Will Now Be Released By Ultraviolette.

In India, Ultraviolette Automotive recently had a private test ride of the highly awaited F77 electric motorbike. The production-ready F77 was on show during a test ride of this futuristic-looking, performance-oriented electric motorcycle at the TAAL Aerodrome in Tamil Nadu, India, ahead of its market release.

The business claimed in July 2022 that the production-ready version of the Ultraviolette F77 was soon around the corner. Now, just over a month after the announcement, the Indian electric company appears to be preparing to launch a full-fledged campaign centred on the impending electric motorbike. According to a report in the Indian motorcycle newspaper BikeWale, Ultraviolette will begin public test drives of this product in September 2022.


The group went on to add that it has received over 65,000 pre-order enquiries from people in 190 countries. Ultraviolette is one of the most intriguing electric car companies in India, according to several EV enthusiasts. While many other Indian manufacturers focus on making ultra-low-cost, budget-friendly two-wheelers, Ultraviolette tackles the market with a performance-oriented strategy. The F77’s performance figures are equivalent to those of a 400- to 500-cc internal combustion motorbike.

Ultraviolette F77 featured
Ultraviolette F77 prototype

The F77 can go from 0 to 60 mph in 7.5 seconds and achieve a peak speed of 94 miles per hour, according to Ultraviolette. These are not as excellent as top-tier electric vehicles from firms like Energica and even Zero, but they operate wonderfully in India’s crowded metropolitan streets. The F77 prototype had a range of 81 to 94 miles initially. Expectations are that modifications to the bike will boost this range to more than 125 miles.

Ultraviolette F77 three colors
Ultraviolette F77 three colors

Now that the Ultraviolette F77 has been verified as being ready for production, it would not be shocking if the beginning deliveries of the much-awaited electric motorcycle started before the end of 2022. We previously reported that the F77’s first manufacturing run will be 15,000 units, with the business aiming to change its production schedule if demand for the bike proves robust. Given how many people have an interest in the bike, it’s hardly a surprise that these stats will quickly alter.

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