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The Benelli BN125 is a Naked Bike for Beginners.

Benelli will release its sporty mini-bike, the TNT 125, in March 2022 to compete with the Honda Grom and the Kawasaki Z125. It’s hard to deny that these motorcycles are a lot of fun. Some people find their minuscule dimensions and comical appearance to be off-putting. Benelli BN125, a commuter with a naked sportbike flair design, appeals to a more conventional customer base.


When observed from a distance, the BN 125 may be mistaken for its larger sibling, the TNT 302. A red tubular frame with black and dark grey bodywork is one option, as is a neon-coloured fairing atop a black trellis frame for the more daring. Although it appears to be a lively machine, it’s quite docile and easy to control.


An electronic fuel injection single-cylinder, air-cooled four-stroke engine powers the Benelli BN 125. 11 horsepower at 9,500 rpm and 7.6 ft-lbs of most torques at 7,000 rpm are available in the current Euro 5 variant. The rear wheel receives power from a conventional five-speed manual transmission. Benelli claims a small-displacement commuter fuel efficiency of around 136 miles per gallon. Besides having beginner’s licenses, this will appeal to the younger generation. Young bikers will appreciate the possible savings from a low-cost machine.

2021 Benelli BN125 Naked Bike – Previous Edition

Wheels and brakes

The Benelli BN 125 has a decent set of parts, save from the engine. Front-wheel: 17″ cast wheel with 100/80 tire on an upside-down fork without change. 17-inch rim, 17-inch tire, preload adjustable monoshock, 130/70 rear tire. There are two front and back rotors with diameters of 260 and 240 mm, in this vehicle’s brake system. With its combined braking system (like what we see on some scooters), this motorcycle makes up for the lack of ABS.

Price and availability

For USD 2,700, the Benelli BN 125 is now on sale for 2,499 Euros (about USD 2,700), plus a shipping fee of 250 Euros (roughly USD 270). White, black, and flash green are the possible hues. An A1 driver’s license in the United Kingdom and a B196 driver’s license in Germany are required to ride the Benelli BN 125. Benelli will not be releasing this bike in the United States, regardless of how useful and sensible it appears to be.

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