Alpinestars has a revolutionary airbag device for the world’s motorcyclists ready for CES 2020. The Air-Tech 5 airbag system has additional safety to make it one of the strongest on the market.

The compact and self-contained unit has more body security than any other airbag system the firm has ever launched. Additional protection is given in the arms, abdomen, neck, and the whole back. You can wear this vest under any textile jacket, making it a great choice for riders wearing different jackets in different times of the year.

The sensors also got an update. Alpinestars has six sensors all over the suit. The suit features six sensors. To detect accidents, they track the rider’s position and acceleration. If there is a trigger, the suit can deploy in only 40ms! You can also connect the vest via Bluetooth to a smartphone app to track its status. The battery will last you for 30 hours, and you can simply charge it between the rides. After the showcase on CES, the vest will go on sale in March 2020.

Source: Web Bike World


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