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Honda Prepares To Reveal A Smartphone Integration System At CES 2020!

CES 2020 will certainly be an event to pay attention to for passionate motorcyclists. Including new bikes and new tech, there’s going to be a lot to discover during what could be an otherwise dull January. Honda doesn’t want to be left out of the CES 2020, that’s for sure. That’s why they plan to announce their new Smartphone As Brain program at the show.

Since the plan is to unveil the entire program at the CES, we don’t have a lot of information yet — but here is what we know so far. Developed in collaboration with Drivemode, which Honda obtained in October 2019, Smartphone As Brain is Honda’s way of incorporating your current smartphone into your Honda motorcycle or car.

Aside from the odd name choice, a lot of similar programs seem to do the same tasks. These include updating your arrival time for the contacts you’ve added to that function, as well as giving you turn-by-turn navigation through both dash display and audio instructions. SAB also allows you to make calls, listen to, and monitor text messages while you drive your Honda vehicle.

Another feature this system offers is road hazard detection, such as potholes, etc. You will also be able to manually insert these details into the system.

Well, as of now, it is still not clear how many drivers will allocate their time to input this information to other users. There is still a possibility that they will just enter these road hazards while still riding along.

Also, it is unclear if someone who has both a Honda motorcycle and a Honda car equipped with this device will be able to move smoothly from one vehicle to another with all their preferences unchanged. It is clear that no one wants or needs yet another complicated software to find themselves stuck in, but it is still a problem that is likely to occur from potential adopters.

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Source: RideApart

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