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Suzuki has made a few tweaks to the 2022 Katana model.

The Suzuki Katana is one of the most revered Japanese motorbikes. When it was first produced in 1981, its then-radical style captured the attention of fans. It would go on to become a legend in the world of motorcycles.

For today’s motorcycle enthusiasts, retro is a given. In this light, Suzuki’s decision to bring the Katana back in 2019 with a modern makeover was legit.

Yet, it turns out that the latest generation Katana, or neo-Katana, isn’t an all-new machine on the cutting edge of technology. Suzuki GSX-S1000 dressed up with an engine from the 2005 GSX-R1000R is a dressed-up Suzuki GSX-S1000.

Suzuki Katana 2022

So, Hamamatsu has given the Katana a new look for 2022. The Katana, despite its “striking new hues,” receives a few upgrades to its circuitry.

An updated throttle-by-wire technology onboard the new motorcycle. Design is like the 2021 GSX-upgraded S1000’s throttle system.

The bike also comes with a new electronics package, which offers the bike more power. It also has lower emissions and a more comprehensive torque range. According to Suzuki, there are three more horses on the bike now. Now it has more in it than there were in the previous iteration.

The improved electronics package also makes the bike Euro 5-compliant. One of the most exciting new features is the inclusion of a fast bidirectional shifter as stock gear.

Suzuki Katana during a ride

Suzuki achieves the list of tweaks by nipping the five-level traction control system of the bike. There is still the option to turn off TC if the rider prefers. Still, the settings of each option are there to create a more thrilling riding experience.

Improved rubber-mounted handlebar enhances rider comfort. It comes with a new slipper-assist clutch on the Katana. Finally, the bike’s instrument panel got an update. It comes with a technology package into the twenty-first century.

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