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Shark Helmets and Nolan Helmets Are Teaming Up!

Awesome news for motorcycle helmet owners and enthusiasts alike! The parent company of Shark, a French helmet manufacturer, obtained the parent company of Nolan Helmets.

So, why is this a huge move for the 2Ride Holding Group? Well, the parent company of Nolan owns popular European helmet brands like Grex and X-lite helmets. These brands are not so popular on the North American market, though.

On the other hand, 2Ride Holding Group has several motorcycle helmet brands under their name, which also aren’t so popular in North America. Of course, Shark and Nolan are very popular in North America, but this acquisition will probably have a more positive impact on the European market.

Nonetheless, the president of 2Ride Holding Group thinks that this acquisition could help them with a tighter grasp on the North American market. He wants the two groups to work together and connect the experts from Italy and France, to create the safest motorcycle helmets fit for the global market.

We are definitely interested to see how will Nolan change its lineup after this acquisition.

Actually, we are huge fans of Nolan helmets! Check out what we think about the Nolan N87 motorcycle helmet!

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Source: Web Bike World

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