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Royal Enfield Reveals Pricing And Specs For Meteor 350 In Europe!

Royal Enfield has finally released the pricing information of their insanely popular 2021 Meteor 350 motorcycle for the European market.

Like in India, it will come in three different trim versions: Fireball, Stellar, and Supernova. 

The prices and the number of features go up depending on the trim version you choose. But, the standard features will stay the same, such as the Tripper navigation device. 

The prices go like this:

  • The Fireball will cost €4,099/£3,749/$4,983. It will come in two colors, Red and Yellow.
  • The Stellar will cost €4,189/£3,829/$5,094. It will add chrome styling to the bike and the passenger backrest. When it comes to the color palette, along with the Red, it will come in Blue and Black colors too.
  • The Supernova will cost €4,325/£3,909/$5,259. It will include a windshield and a more comfortable seat along with the extra features of the Stellar.

Royal Enfield states that there will be 230 separate accessories available for this bike. So, if you love customizing your bike for whatever reason, the new Meteor 350 will be an ideal bike to do so!

Expect the Meteor 350 to hit most European showrooms at the beginning of 2021!

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Source: Web Bike World

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David Gabric
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