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Riders Share Rental Program Adds Off-Road Bikes!

Motorcycle rental is becoming a thing nowadays, as many of us just cannot find the time to invest time in our favorite hobby. Riders Share is an awesome motorcycle rental company that offers motorcycle rentals for everyone – mostly in the US. Now, their diverse selection of bikes feature off-road bikes too!

This platform invites people from all walks of life to list their motorcycle on their site for rental. Hence, you may find all the best motorcycle brands like BMW, Honda, KTM, Yamaha, and Kawasaki on this platform!

The platform is also very convenient, as it allows you to book any bike online. Just choose the bike of your wish, decide on how many days you want to ride it, and that’s all!

Another great thing about Riders Share is a crediting system that promotes affiliates and offers additional discounts to bike rentals. For example, you can refer a friend to this program, and when they sign up with the referral link, you will earn $100 when they rent a bike, and additional $35 after they complete their first trip!

As you earn these credits, you can use them to make the next rental rides cheaper for you. After all, this platform wants to help out all those riders who want to rent something cheaper and from the community. Actually, most rentals on the Riders Share platform are 50% cheaper than official dealerships.

If you want to rent via this program or become an affiliate, check out their website!

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Source: Web Bike World

David Gabric
David Gabric
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