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The Pan America From Harley Is A “Two-Wheeled Jeep”

Pan America from Harley-Davidson is approaching its release. It was shown in prototype form at EICMA. It’s a wholly different beast, and the bike is exactly what Harley needs right now. The company has been struggling to find new riders for a while now. Pan America may turn the tables.

Motorcycle News managed to talk about the bike with Brad Richards, Vice President of Styling and Design of Harley-Davidson. This is what he said in the interview:

“One thing we noticed was that almost every competitor outside of KTM emulates BMW and their almost insectoid form factor. We realized no one had used the North American design DNA to make an adventure touring bike. No one has designed a two-wheeled Jeep. That was our ethos: let’s make a two-wheeled Jeep.”

The V-twin engine is probably the main selling factor of this motorcycle. Brad was also talking about the importance of really seeing the engine in the motorcycle. He also said there were some pains in the development process of this bike. There were numerous sketches and some tough reviews at different points.

This sure is an interesting bike. Harley’s response to the adventure motorcycle industry seems very fascinating. Richards mentions some interesting stuff in the interview, but not a lot of new information about the motorcycle.

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Source: Web Bike World

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David Gabric
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