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RST Offers Superb Airbag Technology For All Budgets!

British gear producer RST has just released its first collection of airbag jackets. The rates at which they offer the jackets are suitable for the budget of everyday riders.

Usually, electronic airbag clobbers would cost from £1500 to £3500 (€1755/$1962 to €4096/$4578). A partnership with airbag specialists, In&motion, has opened a new opportunity for RST. Now, they offer their entry-level GT textile jackets outfitted with electronic airbag for just £399.99 (€470/$523).

RST has also produced:

  • Unique airbag variants of their GT leather jacket – £699.99/€820/$916
  • Adventure X jacket – £499.99/€585/$654
  • Top-spec V4.1 one-piece racing suit – £899.99/€1053/$1117

The uniforms are almost the same design as their non-airbag equivalent. They have more than 40 subtle changes to suit the airbag system effortlessly.

Stuart Millington from RST says:

“We intend to democratize airbag technology so that ordinary riders – not just the wealthy few – can afford that extra level of safety. The injury reduction figures from airbags are simply staggering.”

Instead of being carried as a standalone jacket, the U-shaped airbag is placed on a plastic insert inside the jacket to secure the waist, arms, neck, and shoulders. At the same time, two filled tubes run down each side of the neck to avoid accidents.

The ECU and inflation mechanism are included in the CE-Level2 back protection at the back, combined with complete CE-Level2 limb protectors. Sensor bank scanning 1000 times a second feed details to the device, which then uses algorithms to identify a crash. The device is will identify the crash and inflate in less than 0.05s.

After you buy the jacket, you need to lease the In&box ‘brain’ for £12 per month (€14 per month/$16 per month), or just buy it for £399 (€467/$522). You can swap the payment between garments, and pause the subscription when you’re not using it. This software gets regular updates via a smartphone app.

After you trigger the inflator, you can easily gas it at your home. This RST range is going on sale in March of 2020.

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