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Motorcycle Helmet Cleaning Tips

Whether you are a new or an experienced rider, there are possibilities that you will have a smelly or a dirty helmet after all of the motorcycle rides you have done. So many people ask about the way to clean lids inner and outside, and even though there are many distinctive techniques and suggestions, in this article, you might know the most effective and simplest method that we have compiled. 

You may not have a concept about it, but a motorcycle helmet is one of the essential things for your life! It is not only for protecting or insulate against any weather. It is far, possibly the best component to keep your life safe from accidental injuries on your head. While buying the safest and secure motorcycle helmet, it doesn’t mean that you miss out on its maintenance. You have to ensure that you care about it when you purchase a helmet and keep your helmet clean and in good condition or scratch-free.

In the given below are some steps regarding motorcycle helmet cleaning. You should follow all the steps with the procedure and keep the things in your mind and precautions. 

  • Ensure the visor is clean and  scratch-free
  • Make sure that the shell should be as clean as smooth.
  • Clean the pin lock.
  • The internal lining and the pads must be deep cleansing.
  • Replace its straps.
  • Buffing.
  • Polishing
  • Weekly cleansing

The method is quite easy. As mentioned above, here is a guide for keeping the motorcycle helmet clean. When you keep your helmet clean, it can maintain the quality of the helmet, and you can use it for the longer term used.

Keep it Clean and Scratch Free.

The visor for the rider’s helmet protects their eyes and a face against dirt, insects, and street debris. The accidents can show up if any of those get into a rider’s eyes while on a motorcycle or two-wheeler. So the function of the visor could be very crucial, and if the visor has lots of scratches, the visibility normally is going down, mainly in darkish situations and more. While you are oncoming traffic with vibrant light and it is shining to your face. So it is essential to update the visor for the motorcycle helmet periodically. 

You can try this by traveling to any motorcycle accessories store near you. They do it for themselves at home by buying proper visors for the helmet from an authorized motorcycle accessories store close to them.

Ensure that the Shell is Clean and Smooth Enough 

Arai recommends simply plain water. Do not use the solvent or petrol and chemical-based products on the lid. Only you can use a microfiber material to clean it softly and then some other to dry it.

Clean the Pin Lock

It is hydrophilic, which means that they soak up water so that you should not get them moist. We recommended that you gently use a dry, soft material to wipe clean it before clipping and lowering back into a visor.

For more pro tips, 

  1. When you have used a moisturized cloth to clean the helmet pin lock, ensure that the cloth must be soft and leave your helmet to dry overnight. 
  2. Never use something besides water; however, the great guess is to apply a soft, dry material as often as possible.

Replace Motorcycle Helmet Straps

In most accurate pleasant street bike helmets, the material used in making straps is made for the last lifetime. However, in certain instances, if you take place to harm the strap, it can get replaced with a brand new one. To do this, you may visit your nearest motorcycle accessories store, or in case you are accessible with gear, you may try this yourself at home. 

Choose or purchase an automated helmet strap for the best motorcycle accessories store close to you or replace the antique one with the brand new strap. When you are doing that, ensure that a strap is detachable; if it isn’t always detachable, it’s far especially suggested that you contact the accepted helmet keep for help. 


Motorcycle helmets with broken straps are a protection hazard. If the helmet strap has become notably broken, don’t take any chance; spend money on a brand new road bike helmet immediately.

Buffing & Polishing 

To preserve the appearance and sense of your street bike helmet, you may wash the outside shell of a motorcycle helmet with a toddler shampoo solution or a gentle sponge and piece of cotton fabric to do away with dead bugs, dirt softly and dust. In addition, it is continually an awesome concept to soak a motorcycle helmet in a cleaning soap strategy to dislodge any dirt and dust from the floor, which makes the helmet smooth to clean and easy later. 

After cleaning once the motorcycle helmet is dry, polish the helmet with an excessive great automobile wax. It can make your motorcycle shine look like new! Remember that don’t polish the motorcycle helmet when it comes with the matte finish.

Weekly Cleaning

Apart from those deep cleaning routines, you need to do a minimum as soon as a month and ensure your motorcycle helmet is easy a few times each week. Use a moist cotton fabric to cast off the dirt from a visor softly. You also can buy deodorizing sprays that you could use to maintain your motorcycle helmet smelling fresh.


So, purchasing a motorcycle helmet does not imply that you may hold the use of it without taking care of the helmet. It is essential to look after your motorcycle. A motorcycle helmet can keep your life in instances of an emergency, and if not taken care of, it’s going not to offer any protection.

It isn’t always that hard to ease it up, and all you need to do is spend a while running on it. Then, if you comply with the above-stated tips, it will be smooth to clean it up. 

Depending on the layout of your motorcycle helmet, it’s far higher to split as many elements as possible because your cleansing might be easy and greater effective. Besides cleansing, you need to hold certain regulations frequently for the coolest retaining of your motorcycle helmet.

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