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8 Best Dual-Sports Helmets In 2021/2022!

Dual-sports helmets are usually for riders who enjoy off-road and on-road traveling without changing helmets or buying a new one. They are a cross between a street helmet and a dirt helmet, it’s a must-have pick for any bike owner that likes to switch things up every once in a while. To help you out with the decision, we have compiled a list of the best dual-sports helmets in 2021/2022!

Before we get on with our list of best dual-sports helmets, in the table below, you can find all the helmets along with their best perks!

Image Helmet Picked For Product Link
arai-xd-4 Arai XD-4 Most Versatility Check Price
bell-mx-9 Bell MX-9 Best Value Check Price
scorpion-exo-at950 Scorpion EXO-AT950 Runner-Up For Most Versatility Check Price
shoei-hornet-x2 Shoei Hornet X2 Best Build Quality Check Price
agv-ax9 AGV AX9 Best All-Rounder Dual-Sports Helmet Check Price
klim-krios-pro Klim Krios Pro Most Flexibility Check Price
schuberth-e1 Schuberth E1 Best Utility Check Price
ls2-blaze LS2 Blaze Best Budget Adventure Helmet Check Price

Without further ado, let’s begin with our list of best adventure helmets for 2021 and 2022!

1) Arai XD-4 – Most Versatility

Kicking off our list of the best dual-sports helmets for the 2021 and 2022 seasons is the Arai XD-4. This is definitely the most versatile Arai helmet to date, as it can serve as an adventure helmet, a full-face helmet, and a motocross helmet. Let’s see what the buzz is all about!

Shell, Weight & Safety

Arai XD-4 has a fiberglass shell that isn’t the lightest, as it weighs 1,65 kg (3,6 pounds). However, when it comes to the safety factor, the XD-4 has DOT and ECE 22.05 safety ratings and the Snell rating. Sadly, there is no SHARP rating here, so we can assume it has at least 3 SHARP stars, just average.

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Arai XD-4 dual-sports helmet comes with a clear face shield that isn’t quick release, but it is Pinlock-ready. There is a lot of aperture with this shield, so even if you take it off, you will be able to put glasses inside.

Next up, we have the peak that works as a sun shield or a roost guard when you ride off-road. It’s a bit wobbly, as it is designed to break from the helmet in case of an accident. Also, keep in mind that this peak will produce wind drag over 145 km/h (90 mph), even though it is quite aerodynamic.


Arai XD-4 has outstanding ventilation that is a welcome improvement over the old XD-3. It has:

  • 3 actuated chin vents
  • 2 brow vents in the face shield
  • A pair of large, actuated exhaust vents
  • 4 large rear exhaust vents

The ventilation that these vents provide is outstanding. It keeps your head cool and the face-shield fog-free. The only gripe over here is the shaky vent actuating mechanism, which tends to break off if you drop your helmet. Well, most Arai helmets have this issue.


Arai XD-4 comes in a medium oval shape, which fits most riders out there. To increase the overall comfort of the XD-4, Arai has fitted it with a facial contouring system. Basically, this includes cheek pads that carefully break in to fit your face shape.

The inner liner is quite plush, fully removable – and of course, fully washable. Like any other Arai helmet, the XD-4 is one of the top dual-sports helmets for comfort.


With an ability to change between three configurations, fantastic ventilation, and a very comfortable interior – Arai XD-4 is undoubtedly one of the best dual-sports motorcycle helmets to pick for the 2021 or 2022 seasons! You can find it for $610/£443.


  • You can toggle three different combinations
  • Outstanding ventilation
  • Extra comfortable
  • Glasses-friendly
  • Peak is quite aerodynamic


  • Heavier than average
  • Peak produces wind drag
  • Wobbly vent mechanism

2) Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS – Best Value

Bell MX-9 Adventure is truly a bargain, and that makes it one of the best dual-sports motorcycle helmets of 2021 and 2022. It’s a durable dual-sports motorcycle helmet packed with valuable features even some more expensive helmets don’t have. Let’s dive right in!

Shell, Weight & Safety

Bell MX-9 comes with a polycarbonate shell that weighs 1,59 kg (3,5 pounds). It comes with ECE and DOT certifications but no Snell or SHARP ratings. Well, we are sure that the MIPS integration can work wonders when it comes to crashes. You see, MIPS is an addition to the inner liner that provides multi-directional impact protection.


The Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS comes with a clear face shield with a four-position ratchet operation. It’s a good shield, with excellent sealing but with a few nitpicks. First of all, the first detent is pretty good for visibility, but if you go above the cracked open position, the ridge at the bottom of the shield will block your vision.

If you wish to go off-road, you can remove the face shield and put goggles inside, as the shield aperture is pretty nice and wide. The sun peak is fixed to the helmet, and you cannot adjust it without first unscrewing and moving it. It performs pretty well, but above 70 mph (113 km/h), you will feel it tamper with your ride, especially during shoulder checks.

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One of the best segments of the Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS is its ventilation scheme. It has got plenty of vents, such as:

  • Three chin vents (central one is actuated)
  • Two passive forehead vents
  • Four passive exhaust vents

You don’t need to worry about feeling hot during the scorching hot rides with such a combination.


When it comes to the interior of the MX-9 MIPS, it’s been upgraded from the regular MX-9 helmet due to the inclusion of the MIPS. The inner liner is quite comfortable, removable, washable – and surprised us pleasantly. Sadly, it’s a bit hard to fit in glasses or sunglasses inside due to thicker cheek pads than usual.


For just $165/£120, the Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS is certainly a dual-sports helmet that provides the most value for your investment. It’s packed with features and comes with the MIPS liner that is awesome for extreme rides.


  • Tons of value for a sub-$200 helmet
  • MIPS integration for additional safety
  • Awesome ventilation
  • Wide shield aperture
  • Comfortable


  • Hard to fit in glasses
  • Cannot adjust the peak regularly
  • Some visibility issues above the cracked open position

3) Scorpion EXO-AT950 – Runner-Up For Most Versatility

It’s hard to find a highly versatile dual-sports helmet at an affordable price. Well, the Scorpion EXO-AT950 has made it happen, with four different configurations (including a modular one). Well, let’s dive into yet another terrific entry in our list of best dual-sports motorcycle helmets of 2021 and 2022!

Shell, Weight & Safety

The EXO-AT950 has a polycarbonate shell that weighs 1,8 kg (4 pounds), which is definitely above average. However, when it comes to safety ratings, the EXO-AT950 has only DOT and ECE safety certificates. No Snell or SHARP ratings though, so the safety this helmet provides is pretty questionable.


The clear face shield on the AT950 is very wide and is optically correct. Unfortunately, it isn’t Pinlock-ready but has the Everclear antifog treatment.

Along with the clear face shield, there’s a drop-down sun visor in the mix. It also has the Everclear antifog treatment along with 95% of UV protection. Keep in mind that it sits pretty close to the face, so it will often hit your nose when fully down.

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The clear face shield has a wide aperture, so you can easily fit any goggles along with the strap instead of the shield. Great for off-road adventures! The peak is fixed in place, so you can’t adjust it. You can remove it by unscrewing a few screws, though.

The peak is pretty good when it comes to blocking the sun and debris, and it’s pretty aerodynamic to boot!

Chin Guard

As the Scorpion EXO-AT950 is essentially a modular helmet, let’s talk about its chin guard. It does have an EPS lining, which is great for increased safety. Still, this Scorpion dual-sports helmet isn’t dual homologated. That essentially means that it’s not recommended to wear this helmet with the chin guard up (read: in the modular configuration).


Scorpion EXO-AT950 is a bit lacking when it comes to the number of vents, as it only has:

  • Single chin vent with a three-way slider
  • An actuated crown vent

Basically, the chin vent can be in the closed position, shield position, and face position. On the other hand, you can only open or close the crown vent, which will direct all the air around the back of your head.

Venting is pretty solid, even though there is a small number of vents. This one will certainly keep you cool during the summer, but you may be tempted to put the chin guard up, which is not recommended if you value safety above all else.


Like other Scorpion helmets, the EXO-AT950 has a KwikWick2 comfort liner inside. It’s fully removable and washable, and quite soft.

As the Scorpion EXO-AT950 suits medium oval head shapes the best, make sure that you do have such a head shape for maximum comfort.


In summary, Scorpion EXO-AT950 is one of the best dual-sports motorcycle helmets for the 2021/2022 seasons due to its high versatility. You can ride it on your motocross, adventure, and street bikes, and can even toggle a modular configuration. All of this costs only $270/£195.


  • Very affordable
  • Four different configurations
  • Solid venting
  • Comes with an inner sun visor
  • Comfortable if you have the right head shape


  • Not the lightest dual-sports helmet
  • Isn’t Pinlock-ready
  • Peak is fixed in place
  • Isn’t dual homologated

4) Shoei Hornet X2 – Best Build Quality

When it comes to the build quality, few come close to the awesomeness of the Shoei Hornet X2 dual-sports motorcycle helmet. Let’s find out why it has gotten on our best dual-sports motorcycle helmets for the 2021/2022 list!

Shell, Weight & Safety

First of all, the Hornet X2 helmet has a fiberglass shell that weighs 1,7 kg (3,75 lbs), which is a tad heavier than your average helmet. It makes up for this with its safety, including the DOT, ECE, and Snell safety ratings.

Also, it has an emergency quick release system for its cheek pads, which highly improves safety in an occurrence of a crash.


As it utilizes Shoei’s CNS-2 visor, you can expect an optically correct shield that is Pinlock-ready. If you want to wear goggles instead, you don’t need to remove the shield fully. Just open it fully, put in the goggles, and enjoy the off-road! Of course, the shield has a wide aperture, so a wide array of goggles will fit right in.

You can’t adjust the peak, but it has a great angle that promotes high aerodynamics. It’s great at blocking the sun, and it won’t interfere with your ride until you hit 80 mph (130 km/h). The only gripe here is that the peak leaves a small spot at the top of the helmet inside which rain can pour in.

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The Shoei Hornet X2 adventure motorcycle helmet has a single actuated chin vent and a pair of brow vents on the front. Two vents underneath the peak are actuated with a small slider. It’s a solid vent scheme altogether.

The ventilation does a fairly good job of keeping you warm during the colder days and keeping you cool on hot days. Some people have their gripes with the venting of this helmet when it’s scorching hot, though.


Shoei makes amazing inner liners, and with the Hornet X2, it’s no different. The inner liner is called 3D Max, is fully removable and washable, and will be comfortable even when sweating a lot. It’s fair to mention that it also comes with a nose guard and a chin curtain.


Overall, Shoei Hornet X2 is an awesome pick if you want the dual-sports helmet with the epic build quality. As this helmet is built to last for a long time, expect to pay $600/£434 for it.


  • Very safe dual-sports helmet
  • Extra comfortable
  • Great Pinlock-ready face shield
  • Ventilation is great at most situations
  • Epic build quality


  • Venting not the best at scorching hit temperatures
  • Peak leaves a gap at the top
  • Bit heavier than average

5) AGV AX9 – Best All-Rounder Dual-Sports Helmet

AGV is known for producing excellent motorcycle helmets, and their AX9 is no different. It’s a great pick if you want an all-rounder choice, and that’s why this helmet has landed on our list of the best dual-sports helmets for the 2021/2022 season!

Shell, Weight & Safety

AGV AX9 has a robust shell made from a composite of carbon, aramid, and fiberglass material. The helmet itself weighs only 1,55 kg (3,4 pounds), which is awesome.

When it comes to safety, the AX9 has DOT and ECE certifications. Even though it has no SHARP rating, we can only assume that this helmet would rank 4 or 5 stars, if judging by the AGV’s track record on that scoring board.


This helmet comes with a Pinlock ready visor and a built-in Pinlock anti-fog insert. Although the visor is quite tall and wide and provides excellent vision, it can not fit all types of googles if you do decide to remove the face shield.

AGV AX9 has a bigger peak than its predecessor, providing good shading from the sun during warm days. Coincidentally, that’s the exact reason you can’t open the shield all the way up. On a positive note, this peak has much better aerodynamics than the previous one.

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AGV AX9 dual-sports helmet is renowned for its amazing ventilation and airflow, has a single central chin vent, as well as a few forehead vents. Chin vent is very configurable, meaning it can be closed and opened on demand.

It provides a washable and completely removable filter too. Paddings also offer a lot of space that lets the air come through to your head.


This motorcycle helmet brings a whole new meaning of the word “comfort” to the table, making it excellent for longer rides. It has a medium oval shape design and is paired with a removable/washable inner lining. The lining absorbs sweat which further contributes to its comfort.

It has integrated speaker pockets and glasses cutouts which make it optimized for the latest motorcycle helmet trends.


AGV AX9 motorcycle helmet is one of the best dual-sports helmets of 2021/2022 available on the market because of its all-around versatility, amazing comfort, and epic ventilation. Also, it provides very modern features compared to other dual-sports helmets. It will cost you $350/£252!


  • Amazing ventilation
  • Good comfort
  • Pinlock ready visor with great vision
  • Great aerodynamics
  • Isn’t very heavy


  • Face shield can not be opened fully
  • Can not fit all types of googles

6) Klim Krios Pro – Most Flexibility

Continuing our list of the best dual-sports helmets of 2021 and 2022, we have to mention Klim Krios Pro, known for its flexibility and four different ride modes. Stick around to find out why we think this helmet is a must-have for any motorcycle enthusiast.

Shell, Weight & Safety

Shell on the Klim Krios Pro is made out of carbon fibers and has passed the ECE certification, but has no DOT rating. The helmet also incorporates Koroyd material which has not been fully tested yet.

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Weight of the shell itself is only 1,3 kg (3 pounds), meaning the helmet is lightweight and provides additional safety if a crash occurs.


This motorcycle helmet has a wide and tall viewport providing great vision. It’s equipped with a photochromic shield that protects from the sun and darkens in a second. Also, the Krios Pro comes with a Pinlock antifog insert for bad weather.

Peak is reported to be quite aerodynamic by a lot of owners and can be fully removable/adjustable. Most known google brands fit in the Klim Krios Pro without even having to take the face shield off.


This dual-sports helmet comes with a simple and fairly conventional layout of vents:

  • A single chin vent
  • Single forehead vent

According to owners both of the vents can be opened very quickly and easily while wearing gloves.

Since it’s made out of Koroyd, air can flow more easily to your head and the helmet itself vents splendidly well with great circulation all around.


Klim Krios Pro dual-sports helmet is praised for its comfort amongst owners as long as you get the sizing right. Comes with a medium oval internal fitment that fits most heads and supplies a comfy feeling.

Liner is fully removable and washable, cheek pads can be tricky to reposition properly once you have taken them out.


Considering how comfortable Klim Krios Pro is and the flexibility it provides for its users, along with the easy-to-move sliders on the go, this helmet is definitely one of the best dual-sports helmets of 2021/2022! The cost of the helmet is $700/£505.


  • A lot of flexibility
  • Excellent ventilation thanks to the big chin vent
  • Vents can be opened while wearing gloves
  • Weighs only 1,3 kg (3 pounds)


  • Koroyd has not been properly tested
  • Quite expensive considering other dual-sports helmets

7) Schuberth E1 – Best Utility

Schuberth has created an amazing design on their E1, a mix of a dual-sport and a flip-up helmet, while still maintaining its adventure motorcycle helmet properties. Being that this helmet has great utility, it found itself on our best dual-sports helmets of the 2021/2022 list!

Shell, Weight & Safety

E1 comes with a fiberglass shell and is not one of the lightest helmets around, weighing in at above-average 1,8 kg (4 pounds).

Containing a micrometric fastener and an AROS chin strap that reduces the odds of the helmet coming off in case of a crash. This dual-sports helmet has both DOT and ECE certificates but has no Snell rating.


The vision on Schubert’s E1 helmet is reported to be quite wide and, including the optically correct visor that provides no distortion whatsoever. It has one of the best quick-release visor mechanisms on the market.

The helmet is Pinlock anti-fog ready and the peak is adjustable and has 3 different positions. There is also a drop-down sun visor that protects your vision.


When it comes to ventilation, the E1 dual-sports helmet has you covered with its:

  • Single large vent in front of the chin guard
  • A single crown vent

The chin guard vent lets a lot of airflow through and reportedly it’s very easy to open with gloves due to its size. There is a washable foam filter behind the chin vent, making this helmet have all-around great air circulation.

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The interior of the helmet is made out of CoolMax material. It’s designed to remove moisture and sweat from the head while also providing great comfort.

The lining of the helmet is fully removable and washable and its purpose is to give a cooling effect while being antibacterial. As a bonus, there is a removable neck roll that may help with comfort.


With great ventilation and comfortable inner lining, paired with an AROS chin strap for safety measures and the anti-fog Pinlock system, it’s safe to say Schuberth’s E1 helmet belongs in our best dual-sports helmet list of 2021/2022. It’s not the cheapest option as it will cost you $650/£469!


  • Made out of CoolMax material
  • Anti-fog Pinlock system
  • Fiberglass shell
  • Contains an AROS chin strap


  • Not the lightest helmet around
  • Pretty expensive

8) LS2 Blaze – Best Budget Adventure Helmet

LS2 Blaze is an adventure helmet that had to make it on our best dual-sports helmets of 2021/2022 list. It offers awesome ventilation, is great for off-roading, and comes at an affordable price so no wonder we included it. Let’s see what else this helmet has to offer!

Shell, Weight & Safety

This particular helmet holds a shell made of polycarbonate and also provides 3 different sizes for certain head types. It has a weight of 1,45 kg (3,2 pounds) which is better than average.

As far as safety is concerned, LS2 Blaze has DOT and ECE certificates, but it was not tested by Snell or SHARP, so we can not confirm the rating on those.

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LS2 Blaze dual-sports helmet is packed with a clear and large face shield that has a class A optical correction. Distortion should not be a problem in this situation. The helmet also contains a drop-down internal sun visor.

Sadly, there is no Pinlock insert for this helmet. External roost peak can be adjusted but you have to loosen the plastic screws for it to go up or down.


On a brighter note, LS2 Blaze has a lot of vent holes on each side of the chin guard. They can not be opened or closed, only the chin vent can be adjusted. There are also a few brow vents above the roost peak.

Although the filter in this situation is not removable, ventilation should not be a problem with this helmet. You probably don’t wanna wear this helmet in humid areas though.


This motorcycle helmet is designed to accommodate glasses more comfortably. Its interior is made out of breathable and hypoallergenic comfort lining. The lining itself can be removed and washed. EQRS system is implemented in this dual-sports helmet which helps paramedics take the helmet off sooner if a crash happens.


In short, there are better helmets on this list, but for the affordable price of only $160/£116 we would recommend it for any off-road bike lover.


  • Extremely budget friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Well ventilated
  • Has a EQRS system


  • No Pinlock insert
  • Side vents are always open
  • Filter in not removable
  • No Snell or Sharp rating

Best Dual-Sports Helmets of 2021/2022 In Pictures!

Here are some of the awesome pictures from the dual-sports helmets on our list!

Closing Words

And so, we conclude our list of best dual-sports helmets of 2021/2022! Our choice for the best pick would have to be the Schuberth E1 helmet.

The helmet has a fiberglass shell, the interior is made out of CoolMax material that helps with moisture, an AROS chin strap to prevent it from falling off during a crash, and an anti-fog Pinlock system. The helmet is worth the price in our opinion!

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