Exciting news for adventure bike enthusiasts! Apparently, KTM will create a 490 Adventure motorcycle. The parent company of KTM, the Piere Mobility Group passed the documents to their investors. These documents detail more than a dozen new bikes. One such bike is a parallel-twin 500cc adventure bike! Also, the CEO of KTM confirmed this.

The new bike won’t replace their 390 Adventure motorcycle. It will stay the entry-level motorcycle in their Adventure line of bikes.

We still don’t know how the 490 Adventure will exactly look like. Our assumption is that the bike will look like a bulky version of 390 adventure with the 790 Adventure engine under the hood.

With this bike in its already extensive lineup of adventure bikes, KTM will have a decent range of bikes that beats the competition. According to some sources, they are already up in sales compared to BMW.

Source: Web Bike World


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