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Damon Motorcycles and BlackBerry QNX Will Collaborate On The Hypersport Pro Electric Superbike Safety System!

CES will certainly be very interesting this year. One of the compelling announcements before the CES is the CoPilot advanced warning system. The company behind this system is Damon Motorcycles, who licensed the QNX technology from BlackBerry, specifically their real-time operating system. They also plan to unveil an all-new electric motorcycle outfitted with this technology.

The CoPilot system includes all the cameras and sensors on the bike. It tracks the vicinity of the bike in real-time. The system provides alerts and warnings to the rider through visual information on the monitor. Also, all this information is brought via haptic feedback too.

The goal of Damon Motorcycles is to create the safest bike for the road. Its warning system should provide all the critical information about the bike and its surroundings faster than other bikes on the market. The partnership with BlackBerry will surely be beneficial here.

What Does the CEO of Damon Motorcycles Say?

Folks from Web Bike World had a chance to sit down with Jay Giraud, the CEO of the company. They asked him about the background of the partnership with BlackBerry. He says that one of their investors actually worked at QNX for numerous years. The investor connected Damon Motorcycles with the BlackBerry CTO. That’s how the partnership got conceived. Giraud claims that QNX software is the best of its kind, “when it comes to operating the mission-critical systems in cars.”

Nevertheless, this system will be different than its car counterpart. Giraud states that it will be more advanced.

Actually, over 150 million vehicles and a couple of million other systems around the world use the BlackBerry QNX technology. Some fields that use this technology to great benefit are aerospace, defense, energy, industrial automation, medicine, and robotics.

Damon aims to disrupt the motorcycle industry with their new motorcycle using this technology. We are certainly very excited for its reveal.

When Can I See the Reveal?

You can see the announcement of the Damon Motorcycles electric motorcycle at CES on January 7. The time of the event is 10 AM on the PST timezone.

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Source: Web Bike World

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