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Husqvarna To Add Norden 250, 401, and 501 To Its Lineup!

EICMA really showed us some nice lookers on the motorcycle front! One such bike is certainly the Husqvarna Norden 901, a concept bike that is coming soon to the Husqvarna showrooms. Some sources state that Husqvarna will probably extend this model line. They will add the Norden 250, 401, and 501; along with the Norden 901.

Still, we don’t know how the 501 and 401 will look like, as there are no images online. We presume that these two will look like the 901, albeit a bit smaller. Also, we know that the 501 will feature the KTM 490 parallel-twin engine. On the other hand, the 401 will feature the KTM 390 Adventure engine.

Also, the reports from investors show us that Husqvarna will create a 250 adventure bike. It is probably made with the Asian market in mind (looking at you, India!).

We expect these three new bikes to release after the Norden 901. At least, those are our expectations!

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Source: Web Bike World

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David Gabric
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