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Indian Scout Rogue 2022 makes its global launch.

According to Indian Motorcycle, Scout Rogue will be available later in the year, beginning 2022. Indian Motorcycle unveiled the 2022 Scout Rogue on February 1st, 2022. The most recent addition to the Scout family, the Scout X, went on sale today.

We discovered via VIN files in January 2022 that the forthcoming Scout Rogue would be offered with ABS in 1,133cc and 1,000cc displacements. There are a plethora of Scouts out there, but what makes the Rogue stand out isn’t the features.

Indian Scout Rogue 2022 is indeed a black-on-black activity. Besides the black color scheme, which is available in three distinct shades, it has a cute quarter fairing on the front. We’ll get to the names of those colors in a bit. Despite its intentional meanness, the rounded edges endear it to us like a baby bat.

Indian Scout Rogue
Indian Scout Rogue

Additionally, Indian adopted a set of small ape-hanger handlebars. A pair of blacked-out, circular mirrors stand watch. When you’re riding hard, you’ll want a seat that conforms to your backside as a solo sport-style seat does. Blacked-out front wheels are included as well, keeping the bike’s look as vicious as its performance.

Metzeler Cruisetec tires adorn the reels, including a single 298mm floating rotor brake disc at the front and rear to slow you down. The front caliper has two pistons, while the back only has one.

When revved to 8,000 rpm, the 1,133cc V-twin has an output of 94 horsepower, while its most torque is at 97 newtons-meters (71.5 pounds-feet). To begin with, the suspension on the bike comes with a 41mm telescopic fork at the front and dual adjustable shocks at the back, providing a combined journey of 51mm.

The Scout Rogue is available with adjustable piggyback shocks and a tachometer with shift light.

Indian Scout Rogue Blue
Indian Scout Rogue 2022

649 millimeters, or 25.5 inches, is the seat’s height in this model. a smidge over 62 inches in wheelbase. There are only 129 millimeters of ground clearance or roughly 5 inches, so avoid driving your Rogue over any particularly steep curbs.

Indian only lists the bike’s dry weight at 241 kilograms (531 pounds).

Choose between Black Smoke Midnight, Sagebrush Smoke, or Stealth Gray if you’re in Europe. A starting price of £13,295 (approximately $17,966) is available in the United Kingdom. There will also be an A2 version of the app.

This year’s Indian Scout Rogue 2022 will launch in both ABS and non-ABS configurations for $11,499 in the United States. ABS models start at $12,399 and are available in various colors and finishes. It includes Black Metallic, Black Smoke, Black Smoke Midnight, Sagebrush Smoke, Storm Blue, or Stealth Gray.

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