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In 2023, Kawasaki plans to launch the ZX-4R Supersport.

Since Kawasaki introduced the ZX-25R in June 2020, small-capacity supersport motorcyclists outside of Asia have awaited the model. When reports of a ZX-4R model surfacing in May 2021 relieved these same enthusiasts, they rejoiced. Yet, for a year, the ZX-4R’s airways were silent. According to recent information, Kawi plans to welcome the new green machine in 2023.

As reported before, the ZX-4R will be based on Kawasaki’s ZX-25R Motorcycle. There will be a 399cc displacement rise for a four-cylinder supersport’s quarter-liter engine. Besides the ZX-25R’s 44 hp, the ZX-4R’s more capacity would raise the engine’s power potential even more.

Kawasaki ZX-4R 2023
Kawasaki ZX-4R 2023

Also, to the bigger rear tire and double-disc front brakes, Japanese media site Autoby says that the ZX-4R will have a wider rear tire and broader section. A new exhaust system might be used to maintain the supersport’s engine in compliance with current pollution rules.

Except for the ZX-25R’s redesigned exhaust, larger rear donut, and supplemental brake and rotor components, the two small-bore screamers would share much of the same equipment. Yet, unlike the ZX-25R, Team Green has confirmed that the ZX-4R will be shipped outside of Asia, according to Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) decoder information released by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Kawasaki ZX-4R is unofficially confirmed via a patent listing.
Kawasaki ZX-4R Patents

Kawasaki is preparing two ZX-4R models for distribution in the United States in 2023, using the ZX400SP and ZX400PP designations. For 2023 models, the last “P” number separates them from others, while the ZX-4R’s “S” and “P” penultimate letters appear to indicate the ABS and non-ABS variants, according to Motorcycle’s chief moto detective Dennis Chung. To validate these speculations, we must wait until the brand officially unveils the specifics of its new inline-four. The ZX-4R has been coming long, but we are eager to see it in action.

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